Monday, May 13, 2013

Teacher broken my hymens

At me an exam tomorrow and today I had a consultation with the teacher. He print on the computer and not paid any attention to me. I walked over to him and leaned over so that in cutout blouses were visible my breasts. He got up locked the door. I already sitting in a chair and pulls off her blouse opening my boobs. I began caress a breast, my nipples swollen ... I sat down in a chair and spread her legs wide. He was watching me. I caressed my body, small boobs ... Then I put my hand in my panties and began to fondle clitoris. From fondling my panties became wet ... My virgin pussy craved cock ...
Teacher unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. Oh, this I have not seen it. Cock was huge! I was scared. He put me on my knees, spread his legs, and a push entered me the entire length of. I was in pain and I jerked beneath.
- Virgin !
Teacher jerked and he poured out into me cum. He pulled his dick from my no longer virgin pussy ...
Dick been in blood. So my teacher deprived me virginity. The exam I was ready!!!

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