Friday, May 10, 2013

My friend has taken away my virginity

My first sex I remember forever. I was 16 ... I was friends with Max, he was older than me. We lay on the bed, Max caressed  hands and lips my body... He kissed me. He took off my clothes and ran a finger along the tense nipple, his hand quickly moved down and slid under my panties, a moment longer, and my clitoris was already between his fingers. He squeezed the swollen clitoris it gave me pleasure.
 I was scared, because still nobody touch my virgin pussy .... Max put his finger on the very edge of vagina and smoothly slipped inside. He smiled and reached out to my lips, tenderly kissed my ,he abruptly shoved his finger deeper, almost to the end ... I thought it would be painful,  but your finger free to slide back and forth in my virgin vagina ... He pulled off his pants, and I saw his big dick. Dick stood firm, and was ready to fuck my virgin pussy. He rested his head dick intermed labia and gently entered in the vagina, I was in pain and scary .. He broke my hymen ... I'm not a virgin, his dick was entirely in my twat. Then Max took out the dick and I saw that he was covered in blood ... So my friend has taken away my virginity! It was the beginning of my sexual pleasures!

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