Friday, February 15, 2013

The guy entered his Hard and hot dick in her young pussy the first time

He was trying to cope with the excitement. On his trousers, pants around left wet spot of grease, which left this small teen. His cock was a hard.
Guy rather abruptly grabbed her and roughly pushed small girl on writing table.  He thought to himself. Small nude girl was pale as the wall, her huge eyes of horror. She had not expected such a reaction from him. Always so intelligent and kind ... The guy now turned her back to him and forced him to bend over.  A few seconds ago she was standing there, and now lies on his stomach on the table and trying to somehow realize what is happening.
One hand of guy clutched girl to the table, and the other was unbuttoning his pants. He worked silently, slowly. In the mind of girl flashed idea what strong his hands. The nude small body - it is excited.
Small teen wanted to asked something, but at this moment the guy entered his Hard and hot dick in her young pussy the first time on the entire length. The guy closed his eyes. This spoiled depraved stuff was so good. Her young vagina was tight and hot. The girl moaned. The guy wanted to grab her hair and planted it deeper, fucking her harder and faster, so she moaned even louder. He wanted to enjoy the feeling as soft and sweet slides inside the small pussy his hard dick. Her small pussy was clean shaven and pink lips - slick with grease.
He was just about ready to finish.  The small teen Pussy slightly swollen and wet. The guy entered the dick  two more times and then abruptly pulled out.  The guy forced the small girl to kneel.
- Open your mouth
The small teen girl obeyed and slightly put out his pink tongue. For a moment he was taken aback by this beautiful sight.  He felt that the ends.
Taking her by the chin, the guy put his dick in her mouth. Apparently he did it with the wrong strength, because small girl coughed and tried to pull away.
He grabbed her tousled head and put his dick all the way in her pink mouth. The girl closed her eyes and blushed, holding back the gag reflex. The first spasm shook the guy in incredible powerful orgasm. Hot jet of sperm filled throat of girl and partially exited through the nose..... FREE PICS HERE>

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