Thursday, January 31, 2013

A little effort and a girl's hymen broken!

It was a very little girl. She is blonde. The girl was little, blond hair, very small breasts and very small butt. I take a bottle of expensive French wine. A few minutes later we were at my house. The wine is open and poured into glasses, the girl was drunk and I hold this little girl to my penis.  I hug the girl and gently kiss her very little tits, pink nipples. The girl did not resist and I kiss e soft lips. My hands start to caress her small breasts. I feel that her pink nipples already tight, and then my right hand caressing her thigh and slowly coming to the crotch. The guy caressing her small pussy. She likes it, though, and does not try to show it. Then the guy took the girl to the bed. He lay down next to the guy with the girl and put his hand into her panties. Little pussy was all wet and this guy even more excited. Fingers of guy found the clitoris and began to fondle. The small girl  moaned. The guy took off her panties and saw a perfectly shaved crotch. In this little virgin pussy has not been a any male dick!  I'm first! The guy trying to shove his cock for the second time and his young cock penetrates into the narrow  virgin slit. A little effort and a girl's hymen broken! The girl screamed and cried. The guy waited for her pain subsides and continued gentle motion back and forth. The girl asked the boy not to stop and guy richly finished ....

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