Monday, November 26, 2012

I learned how to suck, lick, really jumping out on a cock ...

I soon had to be 18 y.o. About sex, I knew for a long time and i wanted it. I used to masturbate in the shower. Frequently watched porn .. I knew a lot, but did not have a sexual experience.
They were the New Year's holiday. I went to the girlfriend World. My girlfriend invited their friends.
The boys had a beer. We drank. Fun. I wanted to sleep and came to the parents' bedroom. I took off my sweater and jeans and tights. Now I wore only lacy pink panties and a thin lace bra. I just lay on the bed,  as a guy came into the room. I did not hide. I will never be ashamed of his young body. I had a pretty small waist, small firm breasts and a young little butt.
The guy went to the bed and lay down next to me. He suddenly kissed me. His hands were caress my young body. He caresses my small tits, holds her hands over my stomach and gently kisses my crotch. I shudder. The guy took of my bra and exposed my steady small tits of virgin girl. Nipples were hard for a long time. He kissed them.
His tongue caressed my virgin vagina. He took off my wet panties. His tongue was moving slowly between my sexy pink lips ...  I was moaning. I was ripped off from the amazing orgasm. I watched as the guy takes off his pants and underpants. His penis is especially large.
The guy grabbed me by the waist and turned on his stomach.
The guy abruptly put his big cock in my little ass hole. I is cried out from pain.
 His every movement in my small ass was accompanied by pain. I just wanted it to be over as soon as possible ... He walked into my ass faster and faster. I loved it. I do not remember how many times I finished that night. I learned how to suck, lick, really jumping out on a cock ...

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