Tuesday, October 2, 2012

French restaurant. Part 3

 Lisa could not keep moans. She still trembled. Tony was a nice guy, after the
 departure of Lisa and Jack, he sat closer to me.  - Come to me? - Nervously and tentatively suggested
 Tony.   Machine Toni stood a few meters from the entrance. It was a tall black jeep.
 I went into the bedroom and saw Tony on a king-size bed.  - Take your coat off and
let him come to me.    He lay on top of me and started kissing me. I could not hold
back pleasure. Tony went down below with  kisses. It seemed to me that he kissed me
everywhere, and so he came up to my nude thighs, followed up to my small vagina. He kissed her
so much that I writhed like a snake. Tony deliver  an indescribable pleasure.  - Tony!
 Yes! Gentle! Even sweeter! - I moaned to  him.  He began to massage active. I was
even more excited. I grabbed his muscular body . Sensing this, Tony parted my legs,
and went into my young vagina.Tony very carefully put his own dick to me, and another
slight movement forward, he entered me. I felt a feeling that I had it the first time.
 He gently touched me, kissed me on the neck, lips, face. He slowly move dick that,
 I got the most pleasure. Tony to strengthen the pace a little, I began to move in
 his pace. It seemed to me. Tony gets into all the places where no one was. By
suspending him, I had put Tony on his back and sat on top, he became my victim. I
 could very adjust the penetration depth and pace.I am very determined  fuck his as
me was well . Tony put his hands on my waist and just patted me on her. Me want even
 faster. Increasing pace, I became almost jumping up and down with delight.  The
sound of Tony was very active in time with my moves.  - Stronger by Tony! I wanted
to get the most out of it. I was screaming from the resulting orgasm. Tony has
reached its maximum, but still did not stop. He wanted me to explode with pleasure.
 I could no longer to move. Immediately after stopping, Tony, too, ceased to move.
We lay side by side with Tony as two squeezed orange. We clung to each other and
began to sleep. Only in the morning, I realized for me and my friends started a new

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