Tuesday, October 2, 2012

French restaurant. Part 2

The guys were already well drunk. They got into a taxi and told the driver, Jack go to the hotel «La Grand».
 She just wanted to quickly lie down on a soft bed. Lisa closed her eyes and relaxed
and was having fun. Jack began to descend lower and lower, and finally came to its
flower delights. It seemed to her that he gets his tongue into her small vagina.Lisa to
glow of pleasure. Jack's penis stiffened, he sat down at her, and went into her very
 slowly, without sudden movements. Jack began to move slowly along with Lisa. It was
 so easy. Lisa quickly became a to reach orgasm.  - Faster! Faster! Jack has sharply
 increased the rate of movement. Lisa almost shouted with delight. Jack fucked her so
 that her buttocks red marks left from the blows. Jack still continued intensely
moving.  - Stop it!  Jack abruptly stopped moving, he rapidly finished.................

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