Tuesday, October 2, 2012

French restaurant. Part 2

One spring day I decided to go with friends in a French
restaurant. It was one of the most prestigious places in our city.   - What
 you like this cute girls? - Asked  Michael .  - Can we get inside? - said Ellis.
 - There is now a closed party of wealthy people in our city.  - Girl, what you want from me? - Cautiously
asked Michael  - Come, I'll show you what I want from you! - Michael Ellis pushed
 Michael knew that Ellis wants from him, so he did not resist. She pulled off his
pants and began to suck huge dick of Michael. She moved with a constant acceleration
 of  her  mouth. Michael slowly entered his cock in small  vagina. Ellis seized
 him by the buttocks and began to move them. Michael felt a little pain and now even faster to fuck her.    - Stronger! Michael ! Stronger! - She cried with
 pleasure. When he finished in her vagina  Ellis , moaning with pleasure. Well the time
 has come to rest......................

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