Thursday, September 27, 2012

The first fucking.Part 1

  Marina have 22 years old, and she was a virgin. Of course she had friends among the boys,
 they were called Vova and Toll. But it was only friendship.
 Vova gently was able  to caress  tongue her  beautiful, young firm tits, pink nipples,
 sucking her salty clitoris and  he asked to do a him  blowjob,
 he taught how  do sucking movements. And he liked to imitate sexual intercourse
around her tiny untouched pussy. This  led to the pain  from his penis , near
 her pussy. Pain ,  and Marina did not allow him more. She was a virgin.
 She screamed from  terrible pain because Vova made a sudden movement. They saw that
 the  bed  sheet was covered in blood. After  this he did not
touch her.  The girl knew he  a little tore her hymen. And  in the hymen
a large incision  and a piece of leather . The entire membrane
was unchanged - an elastic, smooth, pink hole edge are smooth. Marina has calmed down,
 she's still a virgin.
     Marina  forgot about the blood, and, as usual,   she went   to Tole. Only  he
like kiss the  her  clitoris, not licking her small pussy , as requested Marina.
 She  ,as usual, did a blowjob  for  him ,  and she sucked all night until not  was
 pain in the jaws. Shreds  finished in her mouth and on  face. And the Marina  liked
 it as a jet semen pour  her face.  And  just dripping cum of Vova.  Sperm  on tits
like rubbing. But her is not fuck no Vova, nor Tolia.
 What  she a bitch,  She understood . And  know that it is possible to be a virgin
and get fucked in the mouth and  in small young ass.

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