Sunday, September 23, 2012

Read, as another man fuck the my wife and torn her hymen. Part 3

Fact that the husband invites other guys to broken hymens his wife. Victor arrived in the evening. We
had dinner, drank. All three wanted to fuck. I went out to smoke. And Nina is siting
 on a galloping Vitctor.  Nina then took his penis in her mouth. I filmed it all on
video. Then she got on all fours, Victor fucked her behind. He strongly fucked the
entire length of the penis. Nina screamed.  - Come, - said Nina,  my camera and
handed Victor and  she began fuck  my penis. Also involved in this myself. Once again,
 I realized what a beautiful, slim and sexy, my Nina.  The next day a trip to the
woods on the barbecue  , and when I returned, on the floor,Nina fucked with Victor.
 I joined. Nina asked to lie down on the vagina Vitya, I fucked her in the young ass.
- Oh, it hurts, stop - Nina moaned.  Victor stopped and  I could not. He continued
to fuck her until he had finished. Nina all this time sat on the penis Victor. 
When I finished, her began to fuck Victor. That night, we still double-sandwich made
 with Nina in the middle. Tried all different poses, when the two men and a woman
alone. And everyone was happy.

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