Sunday, September 23, 2012

Read, as another man fuck the my wife and torn her hymen. Part 2

I do not think this is so gets.
Watch how your wife is having her first group sex. Then there was Nick. He put Nina in the fours and
 fucked her from behind. Sasha, Nina put on the table and fucked her there. Then Nina
 was commanding, as it  need to fuck her. This went on all night. The boys were
restless. And then in a circle. While the two men fuck one by one, the third restored,
 and when   his turn, his already a penis stood . Nina correctly reasoned that it
would be had in turn. From time to time, Nina fell asleep in that position, which her
 fucked. But the men did not wait long could. About me soon forgot  and did not pay
attention to me. It was not clear where Nina takes strength and  fucks. The men take
 turns fucking. And she spends with each force. The boys were in good shape. Behaved
politely. Perhaps this is because Nina felt  all of them. That no one, at once with
 three. They cums in pussy full of sperm and virgin blood. Do not be left without attention and  her
 ass. She lay on her side and looked at me and Victor fucked her from behind. Her firmbreasts quivered to the beat  as pushes his penis. It looked beautiful. Then Alex
and Nick fucked my Nina in two penises. The second day of the wedding has passed.
House watched with interest the disk, greatly excited, and fucked like crazy. It
became clear that nocturnal adventures Nina liked. But I still asked her directly:
 - Well, since you like it?   - Yes, very much. Thank you. But now you will regret it.
  - Why, - I asked in surprise.  - And because I am now constantly going to fuck with
 others. I liked the attention of other men. You're right, every fucked in their own
way. And penises are different. - And whose more like - I could not resist.
 - Of course Victor.  For two weeks we fucked like crazy . It was Victor, said he
missed Nina and asked if he could come. I'm allowed. And to myself thought.

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