Sunday, September 23, 2012

Read, as another man fuck the my wife and torn her hymen. Part 1

- Let's take off room.  - We took off with the men . They will not prevent us.  When
the guests began to disperse, Nina came and said:  - We are now in a hotel, you will
go with us? I and the three young men.  - Why?  - They are will  to fuck me and torn my hymen!  - And
 so she said. Will to fuck.  - You yourself wanted. I'll go with them. I want them.
Three strong young man will be to fuck my wife.  - Well, you go or you do not want
to see how to fuck your wife will.  - I, of course. She took me by the hand led to
those three guys.  - For the boys, my husband also went with us.  And all we do at a time, without group. They went
into the Hotel, all undressed. In the middle of the room is beautiful, slim virgin girl,
around three guys with hard cocks  . I All filmed on video. Victor kissed Nina on the
lips, Sasha licking her young ass, sucking virgin pussy . Nina spreading her long legs in the hand,
and bent their knees. Victor went to the top, and Nina has sent his penis into the virgin
vagina.  - Fuck, fuck me! Breaking the my hymen. Do not restrain, cums.  Victor had finished, he was
replaced by Sasha, after   Kolya. When Nick cums,  , she asked:  - Who has not fucked
 the bride - and looked at me.  - I - I answered.  - You are my husband, you have
time.   - I'm ready - said Victor. Victor slowly fucked my wife, and she squirmed
under him . I took the camera and started video.

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