Thursday, September 27, 2012

The first fucking.Part 3

  Anyway she loved   masturbation   -   she caressed clitoris , bottle of deodorant
  inserted into the young vagina and  to the to uterus, until it stops -, very nice. What
 do you think, who is her first man? Vova, which deprived her virginity or Tolya  ,
which first entered his huge dick in her  untouched pussy? Now Marina fucked with
all the men in a row. She loved to masturbate: into  myself and cucumber, and bottle,
  deep in her   vagina , it  huge and into  ass. Marina loved to scream when she
cums. Marina   until   having  orgazm  in   the lower abdomen in the uterus, it is
 now  the was only  in clitoris. A vagina is   not also reduced. Marina recently
 looked at her vagina ,   she is stretched, was   big vagina. There again it's
different. Her vagina was like a huge hole, wear
 an  ribbed muscles of the vagina.   She was  old, beat-up, stinking vagina .
But she wanted to fuck more. Marina has started insert    bottle   at her ass , a
 ring expanded,    bottle turned inside. Immediately clear that   her
fucked in the ass, though fucks  she  herself. No luck her ,  not was  anal sex 
from man . So who is her first man, do you think? There were many
men, but the first was ...  husband ! He thought so .. And let yourself  he  think.

The first fucking.Part 2

 Marina  was   drunk and  her visited Vova. They undressed and went to bed. Vova
 quickly climbed onto her, his big and thick penis easily
penetrated her virgin vagina and began to move  here and there. It was good, Marina lay legs
 wide apart,  she  felt his hard dick in her small pussy.  She enjoyed the movements  in her vagina.
Do not  end this. But orgasm is not was. He finished on her stomach. Later, he said
 what he is noble,  what  is not finished with into  her. In the morning, she
realized that her Vova fucked yesterday in full. But there was no blood again. When
Marina went, it seemed that in her  vagina is a stick. She knew when a  girl 
becomes  as woman, then these sensations in the vagina. Marina examined   her  
vagina in mirror, and  her  seemed   all to remain the same. Her vagina was closed,
 but the hymen is torn a bit. But  entrance at  vagina is not to be seen. I am a
woman. I did not want to think about it - a stupid loss of virginity.
  She realized that the passage in vagina has been Opened. But ,the guys, did not 
will  get it. They thought which   others    fucked her  , and she just did not give
  they .  Every  evening Marina  to  came   from one guy to another , they  will  
fuck her . Then she returned to the dormitory at night and still fucks with two  
others guys. She came    to drink  from friends, then  fucks  them. Marina was able
 to suck well, the experience was. She liked to
fuck  in all  poses: and side and rear, and standing. But something no one in the ass
 did not ask - no luck. Then she looked at her  vagina in the mirror, it was again
all in another way.
   Was a large hole - the entrance to the vagina is opened fully. A real woman! Her
 vagina is required to fuck and fuck on. She  will  be   to fuck   vagina  every
day , and all with different guys. Marina remembered  what  one  graduate student
liked to put on his knees face to face, and penis  inserted
so that it rests on the cervix. Graduate student began strongly, strongly fucking her
virgin vagina. Pain horrible, and no  pleasure. Marina remembers  Maxa , he was moaning
with her eyes closed and finished, like  horse.
He poured into her vagina  many  sperm. That her liked it.   She this is never seen,
 to have someone so many came.
 And remember the Roman, he liked to suck on the  her clitoris and labia  so sucked,
  that cracks are  was  . Of course, it hurts, but
 pleasant pain. He wanted   to  please  Marina -    on all fours fucked  boobs
fondled. And Roma loved to climb the fingers in  her
 vagina and   loved touch to clitoris

The first fucking.Part 1

  Marina have 22 years old, and she was a virgin. Of course she had friends among the boys,
 they were called Vova and Toll. But it was only friendship.
 Vova gently was able  to caress  tongue her  beautiful, young firm tits, pink nipples,
 sucking her salty clitoris and  he asked to do a him  blowjob,
 he taught how  do sucking movements. And he liked to imitate sexual intercourse
around her tiny untouched pussy. This  led to the pain  from his penis , near
 her pussy. Pain ,  and Marina did not allow him more. She was a virgin.
 She screamed from  terrible pain because Vova made a sudden movement. They saw that
 the  bed  sheet was covered in blood. After  this he did not
touch her.  The girl knew he  a little tore her hymen. And  in the hymen
a large incision  and a piece of leather . The entire membrane
was unchanged - an elastic, smooth, pink hole edge are smooth. Marina has calmed down,
 she's still a virgin.
     Marina  forgot about the blood, and, as usual,   she went   to Tole. Only  he
like kiss the  her  clitoris, not licking her small pussy , as requested Marina.
 She  ,as usual, did a blowjob  for  him ,  and she sucked all night until not  was
 pain in the jaws. Shreds  finished in her mouth and on  face. And the Marina  liked
 it as a jet semen pour  her face.  And  just dripping cum of Vova.  Sperm  on tits
like rubbing. But her is not fuck no Vova, nor Tolia.
 What  she a bitch,  She understood . And  know that it is possible to be a virgin
and get fucked in the mouth and  in small young ass.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Read, as another man fuck the my wife and torn her hymen. Part 3

Fact that the husband invites other guys to broken hymens his wife. Victor arrived in the evening. We
had dinner, drank. All three wanted to fuck. I went out to smoke. And Nina is siting
 on a galloping Vitctor.  Nina then took his penis in her mouth. I filmed it all on
video. Then she got on all fours, Victor fucked her behind. He strongly fucked the
entire length of the penis. Nina screamed.  - Come, - said Nina,  my camera and
handed Victor and  she began fuck  my penis. Also involved in this myself. Once again,
 I realized what a beautiful, slim and sexy, my Nina.  The next day a trip to the
woods on the barbecue  , and when I returned, on the floor,Nina fucked with Victor.
 I joined. Nina asked to lie down on the vagina Vitya, I fucked her in the young ass.
- Oh, it hurts, stop - Nina moaned.  Victor stopped and  I could not. He continued
to fuck her until he had finished. Nina all this time sat on the penis Victor. 
When I finished, her began to fuck Victor. That night, we still double-sandwich made
 with Nina in the middle. Tried all different poses, when the two men and a woman
alone. And everyone was happy.

Read, as another man fuck the my wife and torn her hymen. Part 2

I do not think this is so gets.
Watch how your wife is having her first group sex. Then there was Nick. He put Nina in the fours and
 fucked her from behind. Sasha, Nina put on the table and fucked her there. Then Nina
 was commanding, as it  need to fuck her. This went on all night. The boys were
restless. And then in a circle. While the two men fuck one by one, the third restored,
 and when   his turn, his already a penis stood . Nina correctly reasoned that it
would be had in turn. From time to time, Nina fell asleep in that position, which her
 fucked. But the men did not wait long could. About me soon forgot  and did not pay
attention to me. It was not clear where Nina takes strength and  fucks. The men take
 turns fucking. And she spends with each force. The boys were in good shape. Behaved
politely. Perhaps this is because Nina felt  all of them. That no one, at once with
 three. They cums in pussy full of sperm and virgin blood. Do not be left without attention and  her
 ass. She lay on her side and looked at me and Victor fucked her from behind. Her firmbreasts quivered to the beat  as pushes his penis. It looked beautiful. Then Alex
and Nick fucked my Nina in two penises. The second day of the wedding has passed.
House watched with interest the disk, greatly excited, and fucked like crazy. It
became clear that nocturnal adventures Nina liked. But I still asked her directly:
 - Well, since you like it?   - Yes, very much. Thank you. But now you will regret it.
  - Why, - I asked in surprise.  - And because I am now constantly going to fuck with
 others. I liked the attention of other men. You're right, every fucked in their own
way. And penises are different. - And whose more like - I could not resist.
 - Of course Victor.  For two weeks we fucked like crazy . It was Victor, said he
missed Nina and asked if he could come. I'm allowed. And to myself thought.

Read, as another man fuck the my wife and torn her hymen. Part 1

- Let's take off room.  - We took off with the men . They will not prevent us.  When
the guests began to disperse, Nina came and said:  - We are now in a hotel, you will
go with us? I and the three young men.  - Why?  - They are will  to fuck me and torn my hymen!  - And
 so she said. Will to fuck.  - You yourself wanted. I'll go with them. I want them.
Three strong young man will be to fuck my wife.  - Well, you go or you do not want
to see how to fuck your wife will.  - I, of course. She took me by the hand led to
those three guys.  - For the boys, my husband also went with us.  And all we do at a time, without group. They went
into the Hotel, all undressed. In the middle of the room is beautiful, slim virgin girl,
around three guys with hard cocks  . I All filmed on video. Victor kissed Nina on the
lips, Sasha licking her young ass, sucking virgin pussy . Nina spreading her long legs in the hand,
and bent their knees. Victor went to the top, and Nina has sent his penis into the virgin
vagina.  - Fuck, fuck me! Breaking the my hymen. Do not restrain, cums.  Victor had finished, he was
replaced by Sasha, after   Kolya. When Nick cums,  , she asked:  - Who has not fucked
 the bride - and looked at me.  - I - I answered.  - You are my husband, you have
time.   - I'm ready - said Victor. Victor slowly fucked my wife, and she squirmed
under him . I took the camera and started video.