Monday, July 23, 2012

Surprise of Lena. Young drunken virgins fucked! Part 2

I entered in cabin  and my lips closed on the hard cock of Alex and I started sucking it  .
 I put deep hard cock  in my mouth, then i rotating the tongue around the head of the penis,
 the tongue held up and down. And when Alex trembled sharply  I opened mouth wide and
took the cock deep into throat.I had a feeling that I want to pry, but the penis
began to fully sink in my throat (LOOK FREE VIDEOS HERE). Then I stretched along of the penis, at which time  my tongue  caressed  his . Alex  fucked me in the throat.  Lena to sucked
penis, drool running down her chin. I sucked and sucked and I really liked that
Alex's hard cock is a long time is hard.  Alex is not finished and I started with Lenka
  sucking  his penis, then she, we, along with two sides of the lips and tongues
caress the trunk of the penis from both sides. But as we have not tried, Alex did
not was able to finish. Lena went to the gym. I looked up from the penis and  said
Lena to send of Sasha to us.
The continuation follows.....

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