Monday, July 23, 2012

Surprise of Lena. Young drunken virgins fucked! Part 3

Alex  for me kiss on the lips. Alex was not contrary to
 kiss a girl on the lips, which Five minutes ago, before his eyes she sucked and
swallowed the cum from his friend. Then he began to move along his penis on my sex lips and
 clitoris: here and there, I began to tremble violently and cums. I inserted his huge cock
 into my wet vagina (Free pictures ). I felt like me was fucking Alex's penis into the vagina. Once
again, I had finished, and his penis even stood . I asked Alex, why he does not
 finish? he replied: - i may be up all night fucking in the morning and wants to finished, but does not want to, then no.
That's a surprise for me! I started to fuck and fuck  penis of Alex, as Sasha entered into the booth.
 I saw his penis in all its glory: somewhere 23 to 6 centimeters  and I began to suck this huge dick.
 I thought I pretty strung on two penises, and immediately my pussy all wet start
squish. I sucked gently and I felt that  finger of Alex to presses down on my anus.
 I relax the anus and penis penetrated inside.....
The continuation follows.....

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