Monday, July 23, 2012

Surprise of Lena. Young drunken virgins fucked!

 We ate, drank wine and talked in a posh restaurant. I danced and huddled close to
Alex, I felt his penis that was standing, and our lips have merged into a kiss. We
continued to chat, I pulled his leg under the table and held  the legs in crotch of
 Sergei , his penis already stood .Then I put my foot to the crotch of Sasha, his
penis stood up too.
I put  the leg to the crotch Alex... and came across the leg of Lena , which is also
 stroking his foot in  penises guys. Lena came out a couple of minutes with Sergei
and Alex. I went to the ladies' room and heard a rustling near. And to my surprise,
opened the cabin: Lenka sat on the toilet and sucked the penis Sergei, and Alex's
penis she took in hand....

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