Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fantasy life Part 3

......I heard joined the water. And suddenly I felt her lips on my penis. I
thought that my girl is back. And it yielded affection. Her hand went to my chest,
 just at that moment when I opened my eyes, even though the room was dark, I realized
 that this redhead girl . My penis began to grow again, with excitement.But  mouth 
girl from my penis  did not descended.
 -I want you, - she whispered.
 - Now sit at the top of the penis - I said.
 The girl straddled me, or rather my penis, I felt a hot vagina, already wet from
the juices of desire. She  moving on me, wanting my penis. But do not sit down until
 it stops, looks like my penis was longer as her vagina. She released my penis from
himself, stroked   hand, and I felt the pressure of the anus to the penis.My penis
there never has been in anus. But    me have captured the excitement and I took her
 by the buttocks, just planted her ass on the penis, she is moaned and began to
wobble, and then move up and down. There have been so narrowly. My penis fuck the
anus in the heat. I   put   her on his knees on the bed, stroked fluid vagina,
smeared her ass, her own juice. And abruptly the entire length of the penis entered.
 She screamed and surged forward, but I did not let her go and began to eagerly fuck.
 For a long time, eagerly, then entering, then leaving her ass. My balls were filled
 with sperm, and at that moment  to cum , straight into anus redhead girl . She
writhed in orgasm. I pressed her body against his bed. The penis is shrinking into
 a red ass, she moaned again. I realized that  her like when her fuck in the ass.
I pulled out my penis, and sat down on the bed, the water in the bathroom does not
 make noise, and I went there. Turned on the lights, climbed into the shower,
freshen up. Got out and saw myself in the mirror. Came out with the bath, came into
 the room, sleep  on the bed redhead  girl. And did not dress out of her anus ran
sticky a trickle. I got dressed and went to the kitchen.There's a picture for adults
 is on the table Larissa, fucks her vagina Max and his penis suck Svetlana, her ass
was opened and ran sperm trickle of sticky out her anus.

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