Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fantasy life Part 2

I picked up my dear girl and kissed her  in her juicy mouth. I laid her on the bed,
spreading her nude legs to the side and caress to her wet pussy. Larissa immediately began
to moan a thin, trembling all over, in response to my affection. Her legs then rose,
then fell back on my shoulders . I spared no effort hungrily licked her puffy lips,
 tongue sometimes penetrating deep into her hole. She was so widely spread legs from
passion, arched back and tilted her head. Frustrated groans from her lips in response
 to caress my lips and tongue, but I did not spare her. Alternately, absorbing it
into his mouth one of the sponge then another, I strongly   entire surface tongue
licking her clit. I caressed it with passion.
 And watching how my girl is beating in the throes of orgasm, which followed one
after another, I will again began to be excited. My penis is quickly recuperated
after the first portion of affection and demanded more! not stopping sucking,
licking and stroking her wet pussy, I lowered  hand and squeezed my  penis. Several
motions and I drove myself to the point where I can make penetration, which I did
not delay do. In the same pose, pulling  of Larisa  , I inserted  his penis between
 her outgoing nectar petals ... She shuddered and her eyes widened and her mouth
- she did not expect that I'll soon be re ready to fuck her. I easily entered into
the wet pussy, and she took me ..Her vagina squeezed me, delivering a sweet pain,
but also   and pleasant. Like pushing the tight rubber ring, I began penetrate in
her  body . And when the penis rested against in  the neck of the uterus, Lariska
 again huddled in my hands. My Larissa quivering from the orgasm. I also did not
keep their emotions breathed with a groan. I felt the approach of orgasm in my penis.
 Turning it on his stomach, again entered the wet vagina, not giving relax girl.
I began to fuck penis her vagina, I feel that i about to finish 
 Lightning struck enjoy my body. How long have I wanted it. Larissa went to the

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