Sunday, June 3, 2012

With your wife in your eyes... Part 4

The two men quickly run away. Your subordinates give way to them. You can
see some red excited face.  They stare at  wife, on her firm young breasts, small nude ass and
wet pussy. They see her naked  body , they know that you   see all from
beginning to end. They know and you know that your wife  are fucked on your
desktop, it used to your workplace. And you did not do anything against it.
You are a weakling in their eyes. You are more   husband  not. You see it
in her eyes and when you trying to help her choose clothes, she pushes you.
You stand alone and see how caring women of your fence off of her being
taken away from you   to your table to pat on the head . One gave her glass
of water. You can see how your wife takes off his wedding ring. Her hand
was trembling. It is moist, she touched her self below. It lowers your gift
to the wedding ring on the table, and then throws in your direction and
begins to loudly to roar. More than ten people look at you accusingly. They
do not understand why you would not and could not protect its such a
beautiful, loyal, always neat and gentle wife?
She gave you twos good children, why do not you defend her honor? You do
not see a ring. But you see their future and understand the fear that the
last night of love with your wife will never happen again. you so contrary
to what you're shivering, but still disgusting that you felt ,but  penis
stood in the  pants. You're there, even a little wet  as far  seen as
depriving of virginity behind your wife,  her virgin small ass is fucked rough .
You come to the door of your office. Behind it sits your wife. She was

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