Sunday, June 3, 2012

With your wife in your eyes... Part 2

I want him to open the safe! - He replied . A person wearing a mask  says - if you do not say, he will fuck
    wife's ass. Got it? Your wife is sure that you do not let her dirty
  - Now, I'll fuck her! I'll fuck your wife, okay?!
  Alerts a burglar breaks sharply and he took   clothing with her. Her young ass is nude.
Your wife is crying bitterly, she asks you to help. The second man is
not talking to you. It does not reduce the look of your beautiful wife, 
he see her small ass. He lowered his head in her ass , sticks out his long
tongue and he holds  tongue between the buttocks of your wife. He spits
out  in front on her tight young ass. Great bunch of saliva gets into her asshole. You can
see the fear that he was no longer interested    money  , he excited and
just wants to fuck your wife. The man  inserted  his penis in her ass .
You can see how his penis is entered in your wife's ass. His hands took 
wife's buttocks for dipping him  penis in her anus (free video,other porn stories).
- So, fuck it in the ass - boasted a man and abruptly starts fucking his
penis in  ass of   wife. She from pain   closed her eyes. You can not do
anything. You just see how your wife  brutally fucked from behind. You cry
from grief that your wife is so brutally fucked in front of everyone right
in the ass like a dirty whore. You feel views. All your employees see it
and watch. Those who are older than sigh and shake their head, the young
look at each other from the spectacle,  them  boss  humiliated by fucking
his wife. The man loudly cums in her, deepening the penis. He   satisfied   with and to  cums in   wife's ass (new free video with anal sex story). This is strange man has used   wife's ass as he wanted. Previously, a narrow  anus your wife now gaping hole in
the white sperm. This is your wife's virginity was broken by another, and
now there is a large red hole.
The continuation follows........
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