Friday, June 1, 2012

With your wife in your eyes... Part 1

I   like my wife,  i like to stroke her and feel that she is the same for 
me . My wife just spreads her legs. My climb over it, move your hips a
little and enter  penis in her vagina. It is hot out there, softly and
moist. I feel that  wife spreads her legs wider. It is always nice her 
moans. You enter into it slowly, enjoying her vagina. You do not cease to
fuck the vagina and out, feeling the smell of her discharge. Do you cums ,
she flowing, hands squeeze her ass. It's amazing her  hole, her  chest  ,
and her moist vagina belongs to you. Are you happy, you feel good. You
smile with happiness that you have such a beautiful wife . Are you ready to
kiss her vagina, the clitoris, ass. You and your wife are working in one
firm. You are head of the department, and your wife is the chief accountant.
Suddenly the door opens into the working room, where your employees are
sitting, and there come two men.  . Their faces knitted ski cap. You
understand that this is a robbery! You know that you have in vault are a
lot of money. The second robber holds a gun, too. He was waving a knife and
poke a gun in employees who are very scared.
-Who is this bitch? - Asks a man  . Do you want to protect it from all of
this and are going to say that it just an employee, but your wife is ahead
of you and says - I'm his wife, he is my husband. Husband , you give them
money ..
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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