Friday, June 8, 2012

The Virgin bunette girl suck young cock. Part 4

Virgin gently and firmly grabbed my cock with  lips and began to perform the
 translational motion, helping hands.  At the same time faithfully looked
 into my eyes. Her virgin tongue caressed the cock, mine testicles massaged her
virgin hands. All of this is done slowly and with gusto. Sometimes she pulled the
 penis out of his mouth - it's all shiny, and from the head to her lips
stretched thin gossamer of saliva, which she ingested. Then the mouth is
 placed on the penis, completely resting nose in my crotch. A couple times
I took her by the hair and sticked with the force of her head, as if
fucking in her mouth.  The girl did not resisted, allowing you to use her on my
discretion. She knew exactly where to massage, where the compact, which
pressure that I enjoyed. And I tried to capture it all on video. When I was
 ready to cum, I stood over her, threw her head back and began to cum it on
 the face and mouth. I  have sex  have not had for a long time, and tried
she , so it was a lot of sperm, and   flew thick white  sperm   of penis
and landed in a wide open mouth.     She got four big salvo as a reward for
 diligent work of mouth, for which she did immediately thanked  me ,
staring into the camera, and then began to collect semen from his face with
 his hands and send in your mouth .

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