Friday, June 8, 2012

The Virgin bunette girl suck young cock. Part 3

Then virgin started licking tongue of the perineum to the coccyx, suck the
dirt from the hair.  She licked the anus carefully, collecting and cleaning
 out the a hole  and shit out of his crease and around it. It was very nice
 to feel warm and humid virgin tongue cleaning my anal, and her breath. After
 she started slobber my hole and insert her tongue inside. It was something
 she had a long tongue and the whole tongue is inserted slowly into my anal,
 I do felt like he was trembling from the strain.  She fucked  my anus his
tongue, scrubbing sweat and shit that have accumulated there for three days
until I washed. A girl is inserted my tongue in the full length, then take
out and licking the anus, then again inserted and rhythmically fucked , all
this time she swallowed periodically collecting dirt. I took her by the
hair, turned to the her face and lifted her head.  - Open your mouth.  
She dutifully fulfilled my order and I spat at helpfully open mouth of a
girl, she swallowed   and spit thanked me.   - Well, now can suck. 
 And you could not remove it all on my mobile that I could show the owner
how to suck you, after you told me cums in her mouth and I swallow your cum?
   - Well, let him here.  She handed me a mobile, is not very bad, on the
splash screen was a picture of her where she was standing naked on his
knees, hands behind his back, his mouth slightly open and his face was in
the semen.   - What is the screen saver you have, like a real whore.  
- I tried what would have happened that way.  - Now get down to that for
which we all started - saying that, I took her by the hair and dragged her
and she crawled over on his lap.   I settled into an armchair with a mobile
in his hand and put it between her legs, then she started to suck.

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