Monday, June 4, 2012

My sexy secrets.Part 3

He pushed my hand and
began to fondle me, my vagina. He has one hand caressing my pussy, the
other kneaded me dirt chest. I then finished under his arm! Happiness is ..
I experienced such a pleasure that has a liquid silt. Then I stroked his
penis, he was in swamp. I licked it and tasted the taste of dirt on
his penis. He also finished.    And we fucked in the mud like pigs, many
times and in different poses. The mud was in the pussy, the ass, but us
liked it. We went to the forest, the naked in the mud. Then, as came to
town dressed. People   were watched by idiots from head to toe in mud, as
in the plaster. Waiting until dark, we went home to cleaned of mud.

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