Monday, June 4, 2012

My sexy secrets.Part 2

Then the boys were taken to the police, I do not want to give their, But mom and
dad drove.
And I had to shave hair .     But the most interesting that since all  dirty,
I was excited. I thought I was crazy, but Then I realized it was a fetish.
Once we crossed the swamp, when we went to hike. The river was in the mud
and swamp. I clung to Pete is very tight, and threw his feet in the mud,
naked pussy pulled on it, and here we are busied themselves  sex  in the
mud.  He started kissing me gently, I pushed him away and he fell into the
mud. We all dirty and he  pushed me! I whole, as was plunged into a swamp.
We screamed and soon were in mud from head to toe. Then, tired, struggle
more and  he began  caress  of me.  I  was in   the dirt! Naked! With
Petya! ..... And he put me in the mud - the mud, so thick. I was lying in
the sticky mud, and he caressed my body, I felt to he  cover mud my pussy,
my tits , my ass. I could no longer tolerate his caress, I put   my hands
between the legs. And  he began to fondle my pussy.
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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