Monday, June 4, 2012

My sexy secrets.Part 1

Boys were 6 and I was their prisoner. They took the paint
and started painting my small nude tits. It was so rude, stiff brush for my delicate
nipples, but I felt  something sweet, like syrup in my untouched pussy. In the pussy
at me all tickled and dripping, I slid her finger back and started to
fondle himself in front of the boys! I wanted so I dyed, soiled. And I was
wet. Her pussy is wet -  said one boy. We'll help her, anoint ... brush. He
poked me in the groin with a brush, stained everything, and got a brush
there! And he began to paint me between the nude  legs! I continued to cum or
cums  second once, I do not know. I know that my pussy wet as   from a
faucet dripping,  I naked and cumming . But boy went out quickly, even
though I sit down at his brush. I was  to climb , there everything was in a
sticky paint . At  me  then painted in full, the whole body.  And in the my young
ass the boy inserted a brush and I again began to flow. They tipped the jar
with paint spilled on me a cold clammy flow. I closed my eyes and he 
poured paint on the face. Then I scraped the paint with your fingers with
the eyes, lips and said, guys, what have you done! They themselves were
afraid . We have avenged  for you,  and me soon left alone. In I went  the
bushes, bare all in paint. And here I was crazy ... and got down to my
pussy , there was all sticky from the paint and juice, I just barely
touched there. It was an orgasm that I remember for a lifetime.
The continuation follows........

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