Thursday, June 21, 2012

Depraved gynecology. Part 5

- Well, that's fine too. But one treatment is not enough.    This procedure should
take place once a week. Moreover,  in her   ass needs a special approach. Now  she
almost stretched. But that's nothing. Now we give her medicine and she will be
completely healthy. Yurko, give a glass.    Guys have to guess what they are poured
 in the glass  them sperm.   - Andrei ... Well, you give!    - Now, you bitch!
Now you'll get a shock dose of semen in her anus. - Andrew began to pour a thin
stream the contents of   glass.    The boys watched with admiration for his actions.
 Pouring every last drop, Andrew took the expander.     - So, now sit down.    I sat
 down, out of my ass there and then ran down the sperm.    - Hand to put ! Do you
hear me not to spill on the floor, and   put in her palm.    I obeyed, my right hand
 slowly began to fill with semen.    - Drink!   He grabbed me by the hair, threw his
 head back a little, took a right hand and offered to my face.    - Drink, I said. 
  Guys interested watching this scene. I dutifully drank all  in of his palm.   
- Now lick it.    I dutifully licked in  the hands of the remnants of the sperm.  
- Physicians need to listen and not argue with us ! Do you understand?    I nodded.
    - I can not hear!    - Yes.    - You are an obedient patient. I'm waiting for you
 in a week.      And do not be late!   I opened my mouth and showed me that he is
full of seed Andrew .

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