Thursday, June 21, 2012

Depraved gynecology. Part 4

I obeyed.    - Hey, look how our bitch  to swallow cum!
Come on show!     I just released on the chin,  sperm the thin stream flowed down my
 neck. Then I swallowed all that I had to mouth. Semen collected from the chin and
neck, licked his fingers.    - Swallowed? Here it is the most active drug that you
can think of! Well let's quickly on a chair!   - How about a chair? - I was surprised.
 - I also visited.    - You visited before treatment. Who will visit later, and see
the dynamics.    I climbed into the chair, Andrew to  slipped into the vagina
speculum.    - Well, that's another matter! Of course, not quite what it could be,
but much better than it was. I am happy vagina. Now  give  your ass!   I rolled over
onto his stomach, put up    ass.    - So, perhaps, is not very convenient ...
- Andrew thought. - So the guys. I need to get her ass was vertically! Any ideas?   
- Ha! - Yuri was the inventor. - Let's put her on the floor, feet taller retarded,
and the back bed will be maintained. Just ass will be vertical.   Andrew agreed. I
spread out on the floor, I was in a position "Birch", but my legs were not
vertically, but bent at the knees, and almost pressed to the ears. Lower back support
edge of the bed, one arm and his legs insured Sergei  and Victor  , they also push 
hands my buttocks. The pose was smart. Both holes were visible delicious! Guys
distressed, that previously did not think about.   - What is the position for fuck !
    - The mouth is inconvenient give.    - But two penises in one hole you can poke!
    - Yes, exactly!    - We do this another time. - Andrew interrupted their
fantasies and put the expander into the anus. guys interested surrounded me and began
 to see my fucking ass.   - So, now ass . - Andrew looked into my hole.

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