Thursday, June 21, 2012

Depraved gynecology. Part 3

I jumped on   penis  , clung to him tightly, anticipating that Andrew now I will have to fuck.    - Yuri!
Well go fuck this bitch in the ass! - Andrew ordered.   I knew exactly what I'm going
to suck Andrew. Beautiful long penis, testicles chic! I began to lick Andrew scrotum.
 I enthusiastically sucking his balls, diligently working tongue, stuffed them into
his mouth full.    Suddenly, Andrew grabbed my head and abruptly entered a penis in
 her mouth almost throat. I started to resist, but his hands tightly squeezed my neck,
 I have not had the opportunity to escape.   His long penis was almost touching my tonsils, I began retching, tears flowed from my eyes. Andrew said:    - Look at me!
    I raised my eyes full of tears. Almost breathless with the penis, which was in my
 mouth. Then Andrew and stepped back a little set me free. I began to breathe heavily,
 gulp air, I was all covered with saliva. Then again pressed my head to me:   
- Go on! Bitch, you bitch Oh! No, you whore! Come on, shoved into the throat ...  
 From these words cums Yuri, who was fucking my ass. But Andrew did not let him cum
in my mouth.    - Do not you see? Roth is busy! In a glass finish it!    Here, too,
Sergei could not resist fuck in furious pace and finished.    Both guys let down the
 sperm in a glass.   - Hey, Andrei! And why do we need the sperm in a glass? - Said
Yuri.    - Are you going to ask stupid questions, make you a drink!    Yuri frowned
 with disgust.    I sucked a penis between Andrew. He fucks  in   the pace, I
realized that it would end ... I'll drink his cum!   - Yes! Yes! Yes! - Andrew broke
 a shout. - Oh, how you suck! Come again! Yes! Yes!    Then his body shuddered and I
felt on the tongue sticky viscous liquid.    - Do not swallow! - He took me by the
chin. - Open your mouth!
The continuation will be published later...

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