Thursday, June 21, 2012

Depraved gynecology. Part 2

Me  fucked Serge, moreover, in  my mouth was a penis then  Yurkin, then Vitaliy ... Oh! How well I
finished! wild orgasm shook my body.   - Like when her  fuck?    - Yes!
- I whispered hoarsely.    - This her first fuck in the ass? - He asked.   
- I want  fuck   of course! - Yuri had  fucked of my mouth.   - But we remember
that none of your hole is not empty! Give me a vibrator!    Therefore, in a second
 Andrew fucked me a vibrator in her vagina, there is no resistance in the her anus
  , when began fuck  Andrei  . To the surprise of his   penis came easy, and Andrew
   desperately to fucked me.   The two were not   penis  attached. Periodically,
they fell into my mouth, but  for  guys was not enough.    - It's about time bitch
 gets into  pose! And the sucking will be more convenient , to fuck in the ass
too  ! - It is said  Andrew.    He came out of me, pulled the vibrator out of the
vagina and said:    - Well, who in her vagina to fuck ?   - Vital! - I said.
Happy  guy  lay on his back, I climbed on top of him and he started me on a fuck
his  penis. Sergei and Yuri stood beside him and shoved into my mouth one by one
their penises.    Andrew stood behind, then I felt the pain, so wild and sharp,
as if into  me  was stuck the leg, no less ... But it was just a penis. I was ready
 to endure any pain, if only me  was fucked constantly so beautiful penis!   
There began to moan Vitalka.    - I'm to cum ! - He groaned.    - Will accept in the
 mouth, bitch?    Fast rotation has occurred, I bent over Vitalik penis, and he
issued me   a portion of hot sticky semen.   - I look at you! - Vitaly said
resentfully. - Come to my place!    - With pleasure! - Sergei lay on the bed.
- Come on, jump on me, bitch! I had wanted your vagina.
The continuation will be published later...

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