Thursday, June 21, 2012

Depraved gynecology. Part 1

Andrew was  only   who during the session remained in
 the clothes, although I clearly saw his penis sticks out of his pants. I am
delighted this resistance! I'm still lying in a chair with   legs spread, my three
men   caressed  me, saying they want me to fuck.    - Yes! Colleagues, it is
important that  in the process of therapy, none of her  hole is not empty. You see?  
The most agile was the Jura. He walked to the chair, where lay my head and put his
penis in my mouth. I was suck his powerful penis. Sergei perched near my vagina and
 was about to enter.    - I told you! None of the hole is empty! - Andrew shouted.
   - The three of us are not comfortable chair!   - And who said that the holes
should be filled only penises? Insert this ! - And gave him an anal cork.    In
Seryoga eyes shone. He put the cork in the anal hole, and his penis  inserted into
the vagina.    - Come on, suck! - Yuri murmured. - Suck, bitch fucking!   Serge
moaned, fucking his penis in my vagina. Victor  looked at it and  joined up.
Invented. He stood in front of Yuri, next to the headboard.    - Turn your head,
 bitch! - It was the order of Andrew. - Suck the other's penis.   I turned to Vitalik,
 began to suck his penis, alternating with Yuri's penis.    I saw a naked Andrew.
His penis was huge and thick, the diameter of six inches!    - Yes, my bitch! This
gift I specifically prepared for last. I really want to fuck her  tight ass.   Your
ass is made for fuck ! And her  have a delicious vagina. She a real -depraved whore,
 which loves to suck penis and cums when her fuck two penis!
The continuation will be published later...

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