Monday, June 25, 2012

Adult Games. Part 8

Galina was also quite broad, besides it was also the sperm of Seryoga, so I
practically without losses jumped out of her on  account of "five." Natasha, taking
me into their vagina, so start actively move me meet them, fucked on me that almost
got up to the bridge. Her young vagina is like a little sucking my penis and I could hardly
restrain himself not to cums , and at the expense of "five" frisky jumped back to
Larissa. I have perceived it as their own,  she was also my first  girl ! So I'm
moving all also slowly began to fuck her small pussy deep, trying to enjoy all her  folds,
changing the angle of entry.
Seeing the chest, I sucked one of them, gently squeezing the other hand. I myself did
 not expect   such a skills. Larissa looked strangely at me and she suddenly  
replied, shaking . She  unbeknownst to all, strained the muscles of the vagina, and
   went spasms, on    my penis, so that at the expense of "ten", I fired the first
shot right there in the depths of her vagina, and then quickly jumped out of her
continuing pour out , of a muddy trickle already on her crotch ...
- Hooray!! - Cried out now guys while the girls howled mournfully ...
 I did not believe luck    . All of a sudden jumped up and began to congratulate me,
 my head hoisted the pre- prepared a crown made  of tin, and every girl in
recognition of "the greatness and my right to possess it" get up in front of me on
my knees and kissed my penis, sucking the head.
So very soon once the penis was sticking up, ready for new feats. Most importantly,
it also had make and Masha! It was the last. Highly embarrassed and blushing, she
took my penis in his hand, and looking down, gently licked his head, walking up the
 tongue, took it into his mouth and making a few sucking movements.
The general excitement was interrupted Slavik, saying that we still may be the second
 king, because he de to has not participated in the game, and now just was his turn.
The girls lay on the carpet again, the full determined at this time necessarily to
win, and the Slavik of pulled lots.
 - Damn, "three" - he muttered - and looked at Galina, and she spread her legs
invitingly. Account in the absence of Masha instructed to Zhorik. Shaking up to ten
 at the Gala, and warmed up, he fucked to his girlfriend. For him, the alignment was
 not good, because his girlfriend was once a Galya, and he has not had the opportunity
 to take respite before completion.
The continuation follows........
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