Monday, June 25, 2012

Adult Games. Part 4

Here he   on  the her and cums, before he   to  jump on  five she actively helping
him to and her small pussy flooded with his sperm ...
 - Hurrah! - Cried out in unison the girls, only Lilka silent, apparently,
experiencing for her  guy.
- Well, okay? If he started with Lilka, she would have done everything that he had
finished the second round in her  and the prize would be stayed with them, but did
not go into the general treasury, - shining eyes, went on an explanation Shreds.
 - Hence the rule: with his girls do not start. Meanwhile, traces of ejaculation with
 Natasha's belly were removed, " at ring"  called Sergei, which put on the con  jar
of caviar, great delicacy. He immediately pulled the number "four" and went to
Larissa. It all started as usual, making in her young vagina eight  moving , he fuck to
Lily, and she soon became his encourage and actively moving under him, and uttering
loud cries. In it, he stood no more than five frictions, then fucked Vika.
His girlfriend gave him a break, moving is not too active, although it was evident
that its penetration deliver her pleasure, and then fucked successively of  Galina
and Natasha. Recent girls  fucked  active  his  tried to force him to finish ahead of
time: moaning, squirming, talking shit, so he had to escape from them after five
But Larissa was lying, not responding to his caresses and kisses, and active
movements inside her vagina. And - Again Lily: moans, movements ... And then - Vic:
rest and relaxation ... Then Galina ...
 The   guy popped up on account of "four", but according to the rules now had to
begin anew, so that even at account the "three", he does not even have time to get
 out of she and jerked, pouring inside her vagina ...
The continuation follows........
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