Monday, June 25, 2012

Adult Games. Part 3

- Number five - Maria announced, and then looking in the paper, added - Lily. Push
again. Ivan dutifully put his hand into the box.
 - Number two - looking at the counter, announced Mary.
- Can you begin. - Then, glancing at the paper, she added, - Remember, move
- clockwise, the amount of frictions is limited: not less than five and not more than
Ivan went to  girls, Gale, lay down on her, and having filled in his own penis, and
began the movement ...
 - One! .. - Loud thought the referee - two! .. Three! ..
On account of the "seven", he got up, and  move  to lying next  Natasha, and went
into her ... Natasha seems    have liked it penetration, as she breathed noisily and
began moving under him, wiggling her hips. Already on the run "six", he jumped out of
her, and then crawled to Larissa. She also began to move actively, moaning and
licking lips.
I even could not imagine such a frank sex! .. The girl gave herself an active ...
someone else's guy, and I looked standing next to Tolya ,  as well as many others,
in them stood  penises. He noticed my look and said:
 - Yes, it's all a circus, they deliberately teased him   cums  to he quickly and
- And why  he re-pulled a number lot ? - I asked.
 - To avoid the temptation. You now see how he will be  fuck  with a Lilka, and then
with a Galka.
 Vanya, by the way,  fucked  Lily. She , though it was his girlfriend, behaved much
more restrained than   Natasha and  Lariska. She is also a little moaning from 
movements   her boyfriend, but lay still, not moving, and Ivan came out of it only at
the expense of "ten." Next was the Vica. Ivan has not even entered her, and she had
moaned languidly, and then has been actively fed to meet him, writhing with, and he
jumped wildly out of her  on the expense "Five."
When he went again into the Galia,she, by contrast, remained lying , pretending that
he does not feel anything, although Ivan tried to fuck: he literally rammed the girl,
 actively squeezing her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples, kissing
in the lips. It was all in vain, and at the expense of "ten", he had to lie down on
the  Natasha.
The continuation follows........
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