Monday, June 25, 2012

Adult Games. Part 2

  - I remind you that without exception all participants must be nude, so as not to
embarrass others.
On the carpet started to pack five naked girls on the neck which, on the ribbon
hanging cards numbers from one to five, according to which they are located. Among
them I found, and Larissa, No. four. The first time I saw my classmate naked, and in
general had not seen any naked girls. I must say, looked divinely Lariska: a body
with slender legs and a rather large firm breasts. However, the the other girls were slim
 and young tits at all, though is small, but caused a desire to immediately begin their
caressing . From kind of naked female bodies in boys  immediately began to revive
penises, so I soon stopped ashamed of himself. Then I discovered that the table of
 prizes is also naked Masha. One hand covers her firm breasts, and the other holds a piece
of paper.
Finally, overcoming the embarrassment of having so many naked guys with erect penises,
 and clearing his throat, she began to read the sheet:
- First you need to prepare a daisy. Let  every girl fits to her boyfriend.
 "Wow, it turns out, not only Lariska has a boyfriend, and they are all here!"
- Flashed through my mind. And so time, our group has popped five guys, and everyone
went to his girlfriend. I've seen Shreds went to Larissa, knelt between her nude young legs and
started kissing on the lips first, then moved to breast and slowly began to
descend lower until buried his face in the crotch, while continuing to kneading her
breasts,  to roll  her tight nipples between his fingers. The same is done and the other
guys, including Slavik, who located between the legs in  Natasha ... Soon the girls
are already noisy breathing and moaning ... It took about ten or fifteen minutes,
some couples have even begun to move actively when Mary seems to have received a
signal interrupted them, continuing read the  a paper:
- According to the preliminary draw, the first starts spraying Vanya. At stake is a
bottle of brandy "Martel" - and she pointed   placed on a table in a half-liter
bottle of an unusual shape, filled with golden liquid.
The boys reluctantly broke away from his girls, and returned to us, except for the
low guy who prepared Lily, the mistress of the apartment. He came to the table and
thrust his hand into a box , took out a round badge with number.
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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