Monday, June 25, 2012

Adult Games. Part 1

Adult Games. Part 1
Larissa suggested:
 - Boys, let's take it on a daisy! - After that, the guys looked at each other
strangely, and it is unclear Tolia said:
 - And what is the "daisy" is that? - I'm interested.
 The rules lay in the fact that the girl lay naked on the carpet on his back in the
form of petals of chamomile, in the center heads, legs apart, and called for "bees"
pollinate them around ...The highlight was that if a guy cums on the same girl, to
which began, he not only kept for himself his bet, but also received the title of
"King of the Bumblebee", which gave him the right to any girl before the end  at any
time. He had the right to just beckoned, and she meekly went with him.
The number of girls is not limited, he could be even with everyone, until the party
not is over. And cums    a girl on her stomach, so that everything was clear and
without cheating, and while not helping himself with his hands.
 However the number of circles is not limited. The girls were instructed to lay his
hands behind his head and did not move legs, everything else was at their discretion.
In case of failures  rate was lost, and then distributed between the "petals".
Compliance with the rules followed specifically designated by the referee ... In a
large room were three boys and five girls.
 - Masha now serves as a referee - he pointed to a slender brunette.
 There's one basketball player, it's Vick - he pointed to the high sporty brunette
- is Natasha - his finger shifted on   drinkers drink a nice blonde and Gala with big breasts.
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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