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Adult Games. Part 9

So he's just happy to move it in   Natasha , again on to Larissa, which immediately
 joined the the game started to squirm and moan. Even at the expense of the "five",
he jumped   and went  fuck  sister. I held my breath, I was wondering how it would
 behave in this case. Lily, as if nothing had happened, crossed her legs at the hips
 on brother and has been actively sit down on his penis. Here he could not stand too
long, and at the expense of the "six" jumped at the Vica . Basketball player with the
same readiness her arms around his legs, trying to encourage him to orgasm, and on
account of "five" Glory hurried back to the spill Galya, and turned with full force,
 trying to pour out as soon as possible in her vagina.
But Galya him in this way did not help. It is fully relaxed, including the vaginal
muscles, and calm lay beneath him, not moving, and staring at the ceiling. So on the
count of "ten", not a little has come down to orgasm Slavik, was forced to leave her
 vagina, going back to his girlfriend. Natasha tried to throw a little boy in her
accumulated tension in anticipation of the next round.  She  too, lay still beneath
him, something soothing whisper in your ear. On the count of "ten" Slavik moved to
Larissa. That, hoping to rehabilitate, so it has got even for the five strokes that
 he did it, which in turn sister, he went to have, so to speak,  in steaming penis.
And she decided it still warm, she clenched her thighs, as close as possible to
narrow the vagina and moaned languidly ... Bullet flying out of the sisters, just not
 finished Slavik, was taken prisoner in combat configured the Victoria and ...
broke ... Growling like a wounded animal, he had made no attempt to get out of her,
frantically pulling ass and  pouring into the girl's ...
The game is over and the girls, laughing, and went into the bathroom to wash
off the sweat and the traces of past pleasures.  They watched with great interest to
 me, trying to imagine how and what will I do with them that evening.

Adult Games. Part 8

Galina was also quite broad, besides it was also the sperm of Seryoga, so I
practically without losses jumped out of her on  account of "five." Natasha, taking
me into their vagina, so start actively move me meet them, fucked on me that almost
got up to the bridge. Her young vagina is like a little sucking my penis and I could hardly
restrain himself not to cums , and at the expense of "five" frisky jumped back to
Larissa. I have perceived it as their own,  she was also my first  girl ! So I'm
moving all also slowly began to fuck her small pussy deep, trying to enjoy all her  folds,
changing the angle of entry.
Seeing the chest, I sucked one of them, gently squeezing the other hand. I myself did
 not expect   such a skills. Larissa looked strangely at me and she suddenly  
replied, shaking . She  unbeknownst to all, strained the muscles of the vagina, and
   went spasms, on    my penis, so that at the expense of "ten", I fired the first
shot right there in the depths of her vagina, and then quickly jumped out of her
continuing pour out , of a muddy trickle already on her crotch ...
- Hooray!! - Cried out now guys while the girls howled mournfully ...
 I did not believe luck    . All of a sudden jumped up and began to congratulate me,
 my head hoisted the pre- prepared a crown made  of tin, and every girl in
recognition of "the greatness and my right to possess it" get up in front of me on
my knees and kissed my penis, sucking the head.
So very soon once the penis was sticking up, ready for new feats. Most importantly,
it also had make and Masha! It was the last. Highly embarrassed and blushing, she
took my penis in his hand, and looking down, gently licked his head, walking up the
 tongue, took it into his mouth and making a few sucking movements.
The general excitement was interrupted Slavik, saying that we still may be the second
 king, because he de to has not participated in the game, and now just was his turn.
The girls lay on the carpet again, the full determined at this time necessarily to
win, and the Slavik of pulled lots.
 - Damn, "three" - he muttered - and looked at Galina, and she spread her legs
invitingly. Account in the absence of Masha instructed to Zhorik. Shaking up to ten
 at the Gala, and warmed up, he fucked to his girlfriend. For him, the alignment was
 not good, because his girlfriend was once a Galya, and he has not had the opportunity
 to take respite before completion.
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Adult Games. Part 7

Suddenly I felt the cold fingers seized on my penis, and carrying it along the
genital lips led to the vagina. I felt like my penis entered in a hole, and jerked
forward, pushing the head of the penis gently clasping her vaginal wall, and slowly
sliding inside of them until my crotch is not rested in the crotch girl.
 Enjoying life from the first entry into the vagina of a woman was incomparable, and
I froze, trying to all feel it .
Then I moved back, taking penis out of affectionate embrace, and almost already out,
and again pushed forward ...
 I wanted to move quickly and dramatically, but I held back, remembering Larisa
Council "not to hurry." At that moment I even thought that she could advise it on
purpose, so that I lost, and not lost. The slow movement is not allowed me to
immediately flow out of it, on the contrary, my penis is somehow stronger and
 I became able to perceive something other than pleasure from rubbing our genitals
with Larissa.
 In myself I have come, but when I heard the voice of Masha :
 - ... Ten! - And then jumped out of the  vagina   girl.
I was waiting for Lily, hospitality breaking open her small wet pussy in front of me. Her
vagina is different from all. First, it had a few already, and secondly, there no
sperm left from Zhora, and because it was not so slippery. In addition, Lilly tried
to make it so I shot her: she moved towards me, moaned, licking his lips . But I was
ready for it, after watching other unsuccessful attempts. But however, hardly sounded
 "Five!" said Masha's voice, I immediately and fucked    Lily  , after   fucked Vicka.
Vagina Victoria was   other . It also was not too much grease, but it was more
spacious than that of Lily .  And  even in Larissa,  she squeezed my penis. So
despite   fact    Vick, raising his long legs, grabbed my hips she actively move  on
 the penis, I was able to still to escape from her captivity, not  excitement  my
penis was it .
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Adult Games. Part 6

The next was Shreds. He also pulled out a badge with the number "four", but vigilant
Mary, which is not like to see the girls lost, now led him to draw lots again, and
now it was a figure of "One" - Vica. For him, it was almost the best alignment, as it
 turned out to Larissa in the last round, and he could make on  her a break, before
try to cums on  the Vica, break  through from  the Lily. First round he went bravely,
 but Vick did not allow her behavior to discharge in her, and he had to go to second
 circle. And here him was waiting for failure. Galya and Natasha tried so well that
even ten strokes in a lying quietly Lariska could not knock him stress. As soon as he
fucked   Lille, and she has been actively giving to him  groans and languishing ,
he  jumped out of the fifth move and him penis  already waiting for   Victoria,
suddenly jerked, irrigating carpet at the wrong time sperm ...
Girls, have feared defeat, joy yelled "Hurrah!" And clapped their hands ... And so
it was my queue. I walked over to the table for the lot. From the fear that everything
 will go wrong, and I am shamed, my penis is a bit faded, and body struck chill.
I pulled out a lot and showed me looking at Masha.
- Again, "four"! - She cried. The girls came to life and become smiles.
 - Lucky you, Markov!
 - Yes, it is always all men rush!
 - And today, all of it. You see, Lariska, hold on!
- He, however, still a virgin? - Showered questions.
  My head was buzzing, the voices of others perceived as a sound background. I
started to poke aimlessly penis in her crotch, not getting where she want to ...
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Adult Games. Part 5

- The girls cried out again, "Hurray!".
 - It is important for everybody to see how you cum on the first girl , for on it
depends the success. The next lot was Vova. He had a chance to start with Lily, and
 his task was complicated by the fact that   his not  girlfriend  had in  daisy  ,
that help was not  available from. I was horrified to think that after all, I have
 the same position.
But Vova was tough nut to crack, despite the efforts of all the girls, he fucked in
two circles, fucked  of each girl, and have already finished the third circle  , when
he stopped by my classmate. Larissa gave herself to him   actively, that sprang from
it in the account "five", he can not hold sperm , shot her in the crotch, uttering
loud groans ...
Again, "Hurrah!" And jokes aside loser. Especially to hero of the occasion ...
The boys also approached sympathetically patted   on shoulders, comforting words,
 "something in the next time ... "
The landlord offered to make a break for drinks and other necessary. The girls
immediately jumped up from the carpet and crowded around the table with the drinks
with the guys, not paying attention to them penises.
 My penis is already just a ringing  from voltage, yielding a   pain in the testicles.
 On the advice of the Shred, I went to the bathroom and carefully poured  out of the
shower with cold water. It became a little easier. I'm embarrassed nudity has long
ceased , had a thought about how I would survive at least one lap and did not to
According to preliminary lottery was now was Jora, his contribution was not so long
ago fashionable drive of the popular group. He approached the table and pulled out
of the box with a token number "four." The  girls has once again lay in their places,
 and Larissa, hearing announced by number, spread invitingly before him legs.
Getting no signs of anything special, he began to move in Larissa, when suddenly,
instead of the expense of "Ten" popping out of it and move on to Lily, he suddenly
growled and jerked sharply, pouring into my classmate  sperm , even though  she was
not put to him  stimulation of any effort. The explanation is simple: the guy blown.
 "That's me waiting for the same" - flashed through me. Disappointed Zhorik stood
up from Larissa, and   her vagina   parted  with his penis. None of them are not
joking, the girls did not even said "Hurrah", and Larisa, before he went out of her,
 kissed him lips with the words:
 - Do not be sad, with all to case . Another time, things will work out - although
she did not hide   satisfied smile.
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Adult Games. Part 4

Here he   on  the her and cums, before he   to  jump on  five she actively helping
him to and her small pussy flooded with his sperm ...
 - Hurrah! - Cried out in unison the girls, only Lilka silent, apparently,
experiencing for her  guy.
- Well, okay? If he started with Lilka, she would have done everything that he had
finished the second round in her  and the prize would be stayed with them, but did
not go into the general treasury, - shining eyes, went on an explanation Shreds.
 - Hence the rule: with his girls do not start. Meanwhile, traces of ejaculation with
 Natasha's belly were removed, " at ring"  called Sergei, which put on the con  jar
of caviar, great delicacy. He immediately pulled the number "four" and went to
Larissa. It all started as usual, making in her young vagina eight  moving , he fuck to
Lily, and she soon became his encourage and actively moving under him, and uttering
loud cries. In it, he stood no more than five frictions, then fucked Vika.
His girlfriend gave him a break, moving is not too active, although it was evident
that its penetration deliver her pleasure, and then fucked successively of  Galina
and Natasha. Recent girls  fucked  active  his  tried to force him to finish ahead of
time: moaning, squirming, talking shit, so he had to escape from them after five
But Larissa was lying, not responding to his caresses and kisses, and active
movements inside her vagina. And - Again Lily: moans, movements ... And then - Vic:
rest and relaxation ... Then Galina ...
 The   guy popped up on account of "four", but according to the rules now had to
begin anew, so that even at account the "three", he does not even have time to get
 out of she and jerked, pouring inside her vagina ...
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Adult Games. Part 3

- Number five - Maria announced, and then looking in the paper, added - Lily. Push
again. Ivan dutifully put his hand into the box.
 - Number two - looking at the counter, announced Mary.
- Can you begin. - Then, glancing at the paper, she added, - Remember, move
- clockwise, the amount of frictions is limited: not less than five and not more than
Ivan went to  girls, Gale, lay down on her, and having filled in his own penis, and
began the movement ...
 - One! .. - Loud thought the referee - two! .. Three! ..
On account of the "seven", he got up, and  move  to lying next  Natasha, and went
into her ... Natasha seems    have liked it penetration, as she breathed noisily and
began moving under him, wiggling her hips. Already on the run "six", he jumped out of
her, and then crawled to Larissa. She also began to move actively, moaning and
licking lips.
I even could not imagine such a frank sex! .. The girl gave herself an active ...
someone else's guy, and I looked standing next to Tolya ,  as well as many others,
in them stood  penises. He noticed my look and said:
 - Yes, it's all a circus, they deliberately teased him   cums  to he quickly and
- And why  he re-pulled a number lot ? - I asked.
 - To avoid the temptation. You now see how he will be  fuck  with a Lilka, and then
with a Galka.
 Vanya, by the way,  fucked  Lily. She , though it was his girlfriend, behaved much
more restrained than   Natasha and  Lariska. She is also a little moaning from 
movements   her boyfriend, but lay still, not moving, and Ivan came out of it only at
the expense of "ten." Next was the Vica. Ivan has not even entered her, and she had
moaned languidly, and then has been actively fed to meet him, writhing with, and he
jumped wildly out of her  on the expense "Five."
When he went again into the Galia,she, by contrast, remained lying , pretending that
he does not feel anything, although Ivan tried to fuck: he literally rammed the girl,
 actively squeezing her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples, kissing
in the lips. It was all in vain, and at the expense of "ten", he had to lie down on
the  Natasha.
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Adult Games. Part 2

  - I remind you that without exception all participants must be nude, so as not to
embarrass others.
On the carpet started to pack five naked girls on the neck which, on the ribbon
hanging cards numbers from one to five, according to which they are located. Among
them I found, and Larissa, No. four. The first time I saw my classmate naked, and in
general had not seen any naked girls. I must say, looked divinely Lariska: a body
with slender legs and a rather large firm breasts. However, the the other girls were slim
 and young tits at all, though is small, but caused a desire to immediately begin their
caressing . From kind of naked female bodies in boys  immediately began to revive
penises, so I soon stopped ashamed of himself. Then I discovered that the table of
 prizes is also naked Masha. One hand covers her firm breasts, and the other holds a piece
of paper.
Finally, overcoming the embarrassment of having so many naked guys with erect penises,
 and clearing his throat, she began to read the sheet:
- First you need to prepare a daisy. Let  every girl fits to her boyfriend.
 "Wow, it turns out, not only Lariska has a boyfriend, and they are all here!"
- Flashed through my mind. And so time, our group has popped five guys, and everyone
went to his girlfriend. I've seen Shreds went to Larissa, knelt between her nude young legs and
started kissing on the lips first, then moved to breast and slowly began to
descend lower until buried his face in the crotch, while continuing to kneading her
breasts,  to roll  her tight nipples between his fingers. The same is done and the other
guys, including Slavik, who located between the legs in  Natasha ... Soon the girls
are already noisy breathing and moaning ... It took about ten or fifteen minutes,
some couples have even begun to move actively when Mary seems to have received a
signal interrupted them, continuing read the  a paper:
- According to the preliminary draw, the first starts spraying Vanya. At stake is a
bottle of brandy "Martel" - and she pointed   placed on a table in a half-liter
bottle of an unusual shape, filled with golden liquid.
The boys reluctantly broke away from his girls, and returned to us, except for the
low guy who prepared Lily, the mistress of the apartment. He came to the table and
thrust his hand into a box , took out a round badge with number.
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Adult Games. Part 1

Adult Games. Part 1
Larissa suggested:
 - Boys, let's take it on a daisy! - After that, the guys looked at each other
strangely, and it is unclear Tolia said:
 - And what is the "daisy" is that? - I'm interested.
 The rules lay in the fact that the girl lay naked on the carpet on his back in the
form of petals of chamomile, in the center heads, legs apart, and called for "bees"
pollinate them around ...The highlight was that if a guy cums on the same girl, to
which began, he not only kept for himself his bet, but also received the title of
"King of the Bumblebee", which gave him the right to any girl before the end  at any
time. He had the right to just beckoned, and she meekly went with him.
The number of girls is not limited, he could be even with everyone, until the party
not is over. And cums    a girl on her stomach, so that everything was clear and
without cheating, and while not helping himself with his hands.
 However the number of circles is not limited. The girls were instructed to lay his
hands behind his head and did not move legs, everything else was at their discretion.
In case of failures  rate was lost, and then distributed between the "petals".
Compliance with the rules followed specifically designated by the referee ... In a
large room were three boys and five girls.
 - Masha now serves as a referee - he pointed to a slender brunette.
 There's one basketball player, it's Vick - he pointed to the high sporty brunette
- is Natasha - his finger shifted on   drinkers drink a nice blonde and Gala with big breasts.
The continuation follows........
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Depraved gynecology. Part 5

- Well, that's fine too. But one treatment is not enough.    This procedure should
take place once a week. Moreover,  in her   ass needs a special approach. Now  she
almost stretched. But that's nothing. Now we give her medicine and she will be
completely healthy. Yurko, give a glass.    Guys have to guess what they are poured
 in the glass  them sperm.   - Andrei ... Well, you give!    - Now, you bitch!
Now you'll get a shock dose of semen in her anus. - Andrew began to pour a thin
stream the contents of   glass.    The boys watched with admiration for his actions.
 Pouring every last drop, Andrew took the expander.     - So, now sit down.    I sat
 down, out of my ass there and then ran down the sperm.    - Hand to put ! Do you
hear me not to spill on the floor, and   put in her palm.    I obeyed, my right hand
 slowly began to fill with semen.    - Drink!   He grabbed me by the hair, threw his
 head back a little, took a right hand and offered to my face.    - Drink, I said. 
  Guys interested watching this scene. I dutifully drank all  in of his palm.   
- Now lick it.    I dutifully licked in  the hands of the remnants of the sperm.  
- Physicians need to listen and not argue with us ! Do you understand?    I nodded.
    - I can not hear!    - Yes.    - You are an obedient patient. I'm waiting for you
 in a week.      And do not be late!   I opened my mouth and showed me that he is
full of seed Andrew .

Depraved gynecology. Part 4

I obeyed.    - Hey, look how our bitch  to swallow cum!
Come on show!     I just released on the chin,  sperm the thin stream flowed down my
 neck. Then I swallowed all that I had to mouth. Semen collected from the chin and
neck, licked his fingers.    - Swallowed? Here it is the most active drug that you
can think of! Well let's quickly on a chair!   - How about a chair? - I was surprised.
 - I also visited.    - You visited before treatment. Who will visit later, and see
the dynamics.    I climbed into the chair, Andrew to  slipped into the vagina
speculum.    - Well, that's another matter! Of course, not quite what it could be,
but much better than it was. I am happy vagina. Now  give  your ass!   I rolled over
onto his stomach, put up    ass.    - So, perhaps, is not very convenient ...
- Andrew thought. - So the guys. I need to get her ass was vertically! Any ideas?   
- Ha! - Yuri was the inventor. - Let's put her on the floor, feet taller retarded,
and the back bed will be maintained. Just ass will be vertical.   Andrew agreed. I
spread out on the floor, I was in a position "Birch", but my legs were not
vertically, but bent at the knees, and almost pressed to the ears. Lower back support
edge of the bed, one arm and his legs insured Sergei  and Victor  , they also push 
hands my buttocks. The pose was smart. Both holes were visible delicious! Guys
distressed, that previously did not think about.   - What is the position for fuck !
    - The mouth is inconvenient give.    - But two penises in one hole you can poke!
    - Yes, exactly!    - We do this another time. - Andrew interrupted their
fantasies and put the expander into the anus. guys interested surrounded me and began
 to see my fucking ass.   - So, now ass . - Andrew looked into my hole.

Depraved gynecology. Part 3

I jumped on   penis  , clung to him tightly, anticipating that Andrew now I will have to fuck.    - Yuri!
Well go fuck this bitch in the ass! - Andrew ordered.   I knew exactly what I'm going
to suck Andrew. Beautiful long penis, testicles chic! I began to lick Andrew scrotum.
 I enthusiastically sucking his balls, diligently working tongue, stuffed them into
his mouth full.    Suddenly, Andrew grabbed my head and abruptly entered a penis in
 her mouth almost throat. I started to resist, but his hands tightly squeezed my neck,
 I have not had the opportunity to escape.   His long penis was almost touching my tonsils, I began retching, tears flowed from my eyes. Andrew said:    - Look at me!
    I raised my eyes full of tears. Almost breathless with the penis, which was in my
 mouth. Then Andrew and stepped back a little set me free. I began to breathe heavily,
 gulp air, I was all covered with saliva. Then again pressed my head to me:   
- Go on! Bitch, you bitch Oh! No, you whore! Come on, shoved into the throat ...  
 From these words cums Yuri, who was fucking my ass. But Andrew did not let him cum
in my mouth.    - Do not you see? Roth is busy! In a glass finish it!    Here, too,
Sergei could not resist fuck in furious pace and finished.    Both guys let down the
 sperm in a glass.   - Hey, Andrei! And why do we need the sperm in a glass? - Said
Yuri.    - Are you going to ask stupid questions, make you a drink!    Yuri frowned
 with disgust.    I sucked a penis between Andrew. He fucks  in   the pace, I
realized that it would end ... I'll drink his cum!   - Yes! Yes! Yes! - Andrew broke
 a shout. - Oh, how you suck! Come again! Yes! Yes!    Then his body shuddered and I
felt on the tongue sticky viscous liquid.    - Do not swallow! - He took me by the
chin. - Open your mouth!
The continuation will be published later...

Depraved gynecology. Part 2

Me  fucked Serge, moreover, in  my mouth was a penis then  Yurkin, then Vitaliy ... Oh! How well I
finished! wild orgasm shook my body.   - Like when her  fuck?    - Yes!
- I whispered hoarsely.    - This her first fuck in the ass? - He asked.   
- I want  fuck   of course! - Yuri had  fucked of my mouth.   - But we remember
that none of your hole is not empty! Give me a vibrator!    Therefore, in a second
 Andrew fucked me a vibrator in her vagina, there is no resistance in the her anus
  , when began fuck  Andrei  . To the surprise of his   penis came easy, and Andrew
   desperately to fucked me.   The two were not   penis  attached. Periodically,
they fell into my mouth, but  for  guys was not enough.    - It's about time bitch
 gets into  pose! And the sucking will be more convenient , to fuck in the ass
too  ! - It is said  Andrew.    He came out of me, pulled the vibrator out of the
vagina and said:    - Well, who in her vagina to fuck ?   - Vital! - I said.
Happy  guy  lay on his back, I climbed on top of him and he started me on a fuck
his  penis. Sergei and Yuri stood beside him and shoved into my mouth one by one
their penises.    Andrew stood behind, then I felt the pain, so wild and sharp,
as if into  me  was stuck the leg, no less ... But it was just a penis. I was ready
 to endure any pain, if only me  was fucked constantly so beautiful penis!   
There began to moan Vitalka.    - I'm to cum ! - He groaned.    - Will accept in the
 mouth, bitch?    Fast rotation has occurred, I bent over Vitalik penis, and he
issued me   a portion of hot sticky semen.   - I look at you! - Vitaly said
resentfully. - Come to my place!    - With pleasure! - Sergei lay on the bed.
- Come on, jump on me, bitch! I had wanted your vagina.
The continuation will be published later...

Depraved gynecology. Part 1

Andrew was  only   who during the session remained in
 the clothes, although I clearly saw his penis sticks out of his pants. I am
delighted this resistance! I'm still lying in a chair with   legs spread, my three
men   caressed  me, saying they want me to fuck.    - Yes! Colleagues, it is
important that  in the process of therapy, none of her  hole is not empty. You see?  
The most agile was the Jura. He walked to the chair, where lay my head and put his
penis in my mouth. I was suck his powerful penis. Sergei perched near my vagina and
 was about to enter.    - I told you! None of the hole is empty! - Andrew shouted.
   - The three of us are not comfortable chair!   - And who said that the holes
should be filled only penises? Insert this ! - And gave him an anal cork.    In
Seryoga eyes shone. He put the cork in the anal hole, and his penis  inserted into
the vagina.    - Come on, suck! - Yuri murmured. - Suck, bitch fucking!   Serge
moaned, fucking his penis in my vagina. Victor  looked at it and  joined up.
Invented. He stood in front of Yuri, next to the headboard.    - Turn your head,
 bitch! - It was the order of Andrew. - Suck the other's penis.   I turned to Vitalik,
 began to suck his penis, alternating with Yuri's penis.    I saw a naked Andrew.
His penis was huge and thick, the diameter of six inches!    - Yes, my bitch! This
gift I specifically prepared for last. I really want to fuck her  tight ass.   Your
ass is made for fuck ! And her  have a delicious vagina. She a real -depraved whore,
 which loves to suck penis and cums when her fuck two penis!
The continuation will be published later...

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Virgin bunette girl suck young cock. Part 4

Virgin gently and firmly grabbed my cock with  lips and began to perform the
 translational motion, helping hands.  At the same time faithfully looked
 into my eyes. Her virgin tongue caressed the cock, mine testicles massaged her
virgin hands. All of this is done slowly and with gusto. Sometimes she pulled the
 penis out of his mouth - it's all shiny, and from the head to her lips
stretched thin gossamer of saliva, which she ingested. Then the mouth is
 placed on the penis, completely resting nose in my crotch. A couple times
I took her by the hair and sticked with the force of her head, as if
fucking in her mouth.  The girl did not resisted, allowing you to use her on my
discretion. She knew exactly where to massage, where the compact, which
pressure that I enjoyed. And I tried to capture it all on video. When I was
 ready to cum, I stood over her, threw her head back and began to cum it on
 the face and mouth. I  have sex  have not had for a long time, and tried
she , so it was a lot of sperm, and   flew thick white  sperm   of penis
and landed in a wide open mouth.     She got four big salvo as a reward for
 diligent work of mouth, for which she did immediately thanked  me ,
staring into the camera, and then began to collect semen from his face with
 his hands and send in your mouth .

The Virgin bunette girl suck young cock. Part 3

Then virgin started licking tongue of the perineum to the coccyx, suck the
dirt from the hair.  She licked the anus carefully, collecting and cleaning
 out the a hole  and shit out of his crease and around it. It was very nice
 to feel warm and humid virgin tongue cleaning my anal, and her breath. After
 she started slobber my hole and insert her tongue inside. It was something
 she had a long tongue and the whole tongue is inserted slowly into my anal,
 I do felt like he was trembling from the strain.  She fucked  my anus his
tongue, scrubbing sweat and shit that have accumulated there for three days
until I washed. A girl is inserted my tongue in the full length, then take
out and licking the anus, then again inserted and rhythmically fucked , all
this time she swallowed periodically collecting dirt. I took her by the
hair, turned to the her face and lifted her head.  - Open your mouth.  
She dutifully fulfilled my order and I spat at helpfully open mouth of a
girl, she swallowed   and spit thanked me.   - Well, now can suck. 
 And you could not remove it all on my mobile that I could show the owner
how to suck you, after you told me cums in her mouth and I swallow your cum?
   - Well, let him here.  She handed me a mobile, is not very bad, on the
splash screen was a picture of her where she was standing naked on his
knees, hands behind his back, his mouth slightly open and his face was in
the semen.   - What is the screen saver you have, like a real whore.  
- I tried what would have happened that way.  - Now get down to that for
which we all started - saying that, I took her by the hair and dragged her
and she crawled over on his lap.   I settled into an armchair with a mobile
in his hand and put it between her legs, then she started to suck.

The Virgin bunette girl suck young cock. Part 2

Then she gently pulled the testis down, pulling the skin, and the second arm have come from the glans
and completely exposed. A virgin girl holding my dirty penis, from which stinks
of urine and lumps of smegma mixed with the saliva of the whores. 
- Now all the cleaned  - she said and began to collect in  her pink lips and
tongue curd, millimeter by millimeter cleaned the cock. She stopped
occasionally to swallow the fact that managed to collect and look at me
her faithful eyes. When finished with the head of the penis, the shaft
began to suck on all sides, clearing his sweat. Petite girl wraps her lips, licking
tongue, swallowing penis and sucked again. All this she made  with special
care that there was not a dirty . Then she moved to the testicles, gently
sucking them rolled in the mouth, licking. It was evident that she enjoys
the process.  Virgin picked up the penis, the testicles were wet by sweat, but
she continued cleaning, collecting sweat and swallowing it. it continued to
deepen between his legs, she carefully licked it.   I just set up the legs
and put his hands on her head, picked up by the hair on his head and began
to drive her head, wiping her face on, and then let go. This girl once
 more all lick and suck with the smacking of lips, sniffed the penis,
testicles, raised her eyes and said:   - Now clean. Did you like how I
did it? I tried very hard. I nodded.   - Nice girl, lucky your boss
that he had such an obedient slut - I said - me would be so.  After these
words she pressed her cheek to the penis and smiled.   - Thank you!

The Virgin girl suck young cock. Part 1

Virgin girl stopped my car on the track and in a trembling voice said:  
- Good morning. Let me took you in the mouth your cock? My boss told me to suck the cock on a
5-strangers, until tomorrow, I beg you help me to obey his orders, - she
rose to her knees and opened her mouth, with a pleading look on his face. 
In appearance she was quite cute and sweet, young brunette,long
haircut, small young tits with puffy nipples, wide hip, a very nice voice.   - I was a little
dirty - have not had a bath ...   - Do not worry, I cleaned, allow? The
owner is very angry if I did not fulfill an order, please, let me give you
a blowjob ...  - Okay.   Virgin girl held out her hand to the groin, it touches a
lot of fun, even can not believe that she was a virgin. She took the
penis in his petite hand, sniffed it, looked into my eyes and said:   - Not so
dirty.  By coincidence, I did not wash for three days. Even I felt the
smell of urine and sweat, even though its not normally smells. Do not be
surprised if there under the foreskin and the "curds" have a lot, but it
does not matter.   She took a testicles, and then start inserted  the
tongue between the foreskin of penis, making a circular motion.  I saw how
deftly moves her tongue under my skin, it was like a French kiss with a
penis. from all this my penis began to rise.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Olga. Orgy of thing in the morning! Part 4

I remember that he asked me to say something in the telephone receiver to his General
Manager  it all  heard, and she herself said so right in the time as her
fucked  during his orgasm.
As in previous times, I do with a banana in her pussy came into itself.
 None who was not there. only there was soft melody and a conversation with
Yuri and Gennady two strangers working on some issues. I was all-all-all in
 semen and sperm is probably on my body stiffened and squeezed the skin
everywhere: on the thighs, abdomen, back, chest, face, neck and even the
ears. Also good was visible all my red vagina.

Olga. Orgy of thing in the morning! Part 3

On my lips and cheeks were sperm. My firm breasts have also been filled with
sperm, but the legs do not flowed, Peter licked all, and pussy and ass from    sperm many men. And the other two happy  made  pictures of the orgy. So that I fucked all the seven  bosses. You're a prize for them  and  their  penises  very wanted   vagina of Olga  as their creative successes.
So that they will to  fuck   as a prize. That's when you will know exactly
who you fuck in  bandage. In the study by Gennady not now seven, and the person so 10-15. Olga come
quickly as satisfactory Volodya PRIZE - today it is for you a prize.  Yes,
today - Friday. Volodya fuck me now, because he earned it by their labor
 - When you're cums, then? "At that Volodya noticed - now  , the way you
look beautiful in the the reflection mirror. With her  legs spread wide,
with lovely tits so nice to look in the mirror, as immersed penis. Now he
squeezed both hands and tits. I said, Volodya, cums  into me, still I have
orgasms only in the daisy chain. Volodya bellowed, strengthening its
movement. And at this moment  entered  are two. Volodya fucked me, and
strange men saw as  moves in my pussy penis Volodya. Vladimir cums, cums
and cums, and someone at this moment   him  tongue  kissing me on the lips.
And someone else shoves a few fingers in my small ass, and some greedy fingers
pressing on my clitoris. I from  have all these feeling felt orgasm.
Volodya  to cried. I screamed, gasping for breath on that   penis, which I
sucked, so is simultaneously in  my throat began to cum. And now in my
uterus cums from the second guest in our office. From time to time, Alex
brought a telephone receiver then me, then to any of the men.
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Olga. Orgy of thing in the morning! Part 2

Just insert me in the pussy one more cock. This is a divine feeling. I clamp of  my young tits on 
penis, which in my mouth and into my  ass inserts another big penis. And
again in my hands, and are one more penis. But now the men are gone - now
me  very aggressively probe the unknown number of   male hands. Apparently
that who fucked me  felt in a frenzy! I  was to fly to an orgasm. One man 
that me fucked, are not restrained and howls, I realized who now cums.
Well, here's one I found the chief and his penis covered my tight small pussy.
 From what he has lost his mind, he apparently forgot that he should remain
silent - broke an enthusiastic yell. The second boss is inserted into my
pussy   apparently he could not endure.  As long as I licked the penis 
first one or second, filled my pussy portion of his semen.
 They are forgetting about the conspiracy, staged conversations with each
other - you whore, Olga has licked or let my penis Petya licks. Peter
apparently was forced to lick penis, which fell out of my pussy and he
began  licked it penis. Instead of what would lick my clit, and now my
clit  toying  Peter of hand. Meanwhile, in my pussy inserted   the next
cock. So one by one - my pussy - blowjob by Petit and then after Petit as
sucking  penis   my mouth - I counted at least 5 or 6 men. It was a sort of
conveyor belt.   Peter eventually   just cums me between her breasts. Below
me, still was Peter, who get drunk unknown number of male sperm.
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Olga. Orgy of thing in the morning! Part 1

  I'm wet , The man  mercilessly squeezed my small breasts and clitoris. I obeyed the
commands: put the my nude legs wider, bitch, meet third dick. And mine small pussy  fuck  at 
bottles of champagne. After me  planted on top of a huge cock. And my  small tits squeezed a few hands. Someone began to thrust his penis into my young petite ass.
 And so in me now had two penises. At the same time in my mouth inserted of 
third penis. And  as in the left arm and in his right hand for me to took 
two penises. I   once  the fucked   with five mans. Then all three 
penis began to pour into mine wet pussy more sperm. Together! Three.
Yuri pulls the sperm into my asshole. You also did not fuck her more -
everybody should have sex  to Olga Ivanovna. Who next on my ass! Someone
moved apart and my ass, and vagina in more detail to shoot video, as both
of the  holes to poured their sperm. Then I was on top of the male body in
position 69. Having a penis in girl mouth, and I did not guess who me  fuck .
 And  immediately began to lick the tongue Petit from the anus and vagina
sperm. His very skillful tongue caressed my clitoris.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

My sexy secrets.Part 3

He pushed my hand and
began to fondle me, my vagina. He has one hand caressing my pussy, the
other kneaded me dirt chest. I then finished under his arm! Happiness is ..
I experienced such a pleasure that has a liquid silt. Then I stroked his
penis, he was in swamp. I licked it and tasted the taste of dirt on
his penis. He also finished.    And we fucked in the mud like pigs, many
times and in different poses. The mud was in the pussy, the ass, but us
liked it. We went to the forest, the naked in the mud. Then, as came to
town dressed. People   were watched by idiots from head to toe in mud, as
in the plaster. Waiting until dark, we went home to cleaned of mud.

My sexy secrets.Part 2

Then the boys were taken to the police, I do not want to give their, But mom and
dad drove.
And I had to shave hair .     But the most interesting that since all  dirty,
I was excited. I thought I was crazy, but Then I realized it was a fetish.
Once we crossed the swamp, when we went to hike. The river was in the mud
and swamp. I clung to Pete is very tight, and threw his feet in the mud,
naked pussy pulled on it, and here we are busied themselves  sex  in the
mud.  He started kissing me gently, I pushed him away and he fell into the
mud. We all dirty and he  pushed me! I whole, as was plunged into a swamp.
We screamed and soon were in mud from head to toe. Then, tired, struggle
more and  he began  caress  of me.  I  was in   the dirt! Naked! With
Petya! ..... And he put me in the mud - the mud, so thick. I was lying in
the sticky mud, and he caressed my body, I felt to he  cover mud my pussy,
my tits , my ass. I could no longer tolerate his caress, I put   my hands
between the legs. And  he began to fondle my pussy.
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My sexy secrets.Part 1

Boys were 6 and I was their prisoner. They took the paint
and started painting my small nude tits. It was so rude, stiff brush for my delicate
nipples, but I felt  something sweet, like syrup in my untouched pussy. In the pussy
at me all tickled and dripping, I slid her finger back and started to
fondle himself in front of the boys! I wanted so I dyed, soiled. And I was
wet. Her pussy is wet -  said one boy. We'll help her, anoint ... brush. He
poked me in the groin with a brush, stained everything, and got a brush
there! And he began to paint me between the nude  legs! I continued to cum or
cums  second once, I do not know. I know that my pussy wet as   from a
faucet dripping,  I naked and cumming . But boy went out quickly, even
though I sit down at his brush. I was  to climb , there everything was in a
sticky paint . At  me  then painted in full, the whole body.  And in the my young
ass the boy inserted a brush and I again began to flow. They tipped the jar
with paint spilled on me a cold clammy flow. I closed my eyes and he 
poured paint on the face. Then I scraped the paint with your fingers with
the eyes, lips and said, guys, what have you done! They themselves were
afraid . We have avenged  for you,  and me soon left alone. In I went  the
bushes, bare all in paint. And here I was crazy ... and got down to my
pussy , there was all sticky from the paint and juice, I just barely
touched there. It was an orgasm that I remember for a lifetime.
The continuation follows........

Sunday, June 3, 2012

With your wife in your eyes... Part 4

The two men quickly run away. Your subordinates give way to them. You can
see some red excited face.  They stare at  wife, on her firm young breasts, small nude ass and
wet pussy. They see her naked  body , they know that you   see all from
beginning to end. They know and you know that your wife  are fucked on your
desktop, it used to your workplace. And you did not do anything against it.
You are a weakling in their eyes. You are more   husband  not. You see it
in her eyes and when you trying to help her choose clothes, she pushes you.
You stand alone and see how caring women of your fence off of her being
taken away from you   to your table to pat on the head . One gave her glass
of water. You can see how your wife takes off his wedding ring. Her hand
was trembling. It is moist, she touched her self below. It lowers your gift
to the wedding ring on the table, and then throws in your direction and
begins to loudly to roar. More than ten people look at you accusingly. They
do not understand why you would not and could not protect its such a
beautiful, loyal, always neat and gentle wife?
She gave you twos good children, why do not you defend her honor? You do
not see a ring. But you see their future and understand the fear that the
last night of love with your wife will never happen again. you so contrary
to what you're shivering, but still disgusting that you felt ,but  penis
stood in the  pants. You're there, even a little wet  as far  seen as
depriving of virginity behind your wife,  her virgin small ass is fucked rough .
You come to the door of your office. Behind it sits your wife. She was

With your wife in your eyes... Part 3

- Come on, fuck this greedy goat,  - he advises and directs the gun on you.
You  felt are just now smell the man's sperm from him, hear him laugh happy
fun with your wife. She a poor, and huddled on the table.To her right second
 man  and unfolds to her. He removes the hair from the face of   wife, and
appeals to you -   have a beautiful wife.  The man mercilessly squeezes the firm young breast of  wife, tight nipples your wife, he tries the taste of mouth. He starts to fuck her small vagina,
where in addition you have not had anyone in her life. He this makes the
continuation of the humiliation in front of all your people . Her nude legs
dangle at  weight. The man sat her down on the table and fuck, so that the
table was shaking. Your wife are moans . She looks
into your eyes. At last a men to cums  in the vagina of your wife. This guy pours between the nude legs of your wife,
  and laughing at her. Sperm stained small pussy and firm tits (free videos sperm on firm tits) of  wife and  he poured a lot
of sperm. You humbly watch  it, but nothing can not do. He waited until the
vagina of your wife and her firm breasts are had as  pleasure for  this guy,
continued  stand and look at them. Your wife is in the wrong hands, you are
hurt by this...
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With your wife in your eyes... Part 2

I want him to open the safe! - He replied . A person wearing a mask  says - if you do not say, he will fuck
    wife's ass. Got it? Your wife is sure that you do not let her dirty
  - Now, I'll fuck her! I'll fuck your wife, okay?!
  Alerts a burglar breaks sharply and he took   clothing with her. Her young ass is nude.
Your wife is crying bitterly, she asks you to help. The second man is
not talking to you. It does not reduce the look of your beautiful wife, 
he see her small ass. He lowered his head in her ass , sticks out his long
tongue and he holds  tongue between the buttocks of your wife. He spits
out  in front on her tight young ass. Great bunch of saliva gets into her asshole. You can
see the fear that he was no longer interested    money  , he excited and
just wants to fuck your wife. The man  inserted  his penis in her ass .
You can see how his penis is entered in your wife's ass. His hands took 
wife's buttocks for dipping him  penis in her anus (free video,other porn stories).
- So, fuck it in the ass - boasted a man and abruptly starts fucking his
penis in  ass of   wife. She from pain   closed her eyes. You can not do
anything. You just see how your wife  brutally fucked from behind. You cry
from grief that your wife is so brutally fucked in front of everyone right
in the ass like a dirty whore. You feel views. All your employees see it
and watch. Those who are older than sigh and shake their head, the young
look at each other from the spectacle,  them  boss  humiliated by fucking
his wife. The man loudly cums in her, deepening the penis. He   satisfied   with and to  cums in   wife's ass (new free video with anal sex story). This is strange man has used   wife's ass as he wanted. Previously, a narrow  anus your wife now gaping hole in
the white sperm. This is your wife's virginity was broken by another, and
now there is a large red hole.
The continuation follows........
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Friday, June 1, 2012

With your wife in your eyes... Part 1

I   like my wife,  i like to stroke her and feel that she is the same for 
me . My wife just spreads her legs. My climb over it, move your hips a
little and enter  penis in her vagina. It is hot out there, softly and
moist. I feel that  wife spreads her legs wider. It is always nice her 
moans. You enter into it slowly, enjoying her vagina. You do not cease to
fuck the vagina and out, feeling the smell of her discharge. Do you cums ,
she flowing, hands squeeze her ass. It's amazing her  hole, her  chest  ,
and her moist vagina belongs to you. Are you happy, you feel good. You
smile with happiness that you have such a beautiful wife . Are you ready to
kiss her vagina, the clitoris, ass. You and your wife are working in one
firm. You are head of the department, and your wife is the chief accountant.
Suddenly the door opens into the working room, where your employees are
sitting, and there come two men.  . Their faces knitted ski cap. You
understand that this is a robbery! You know that you have in vault are a
lot of money. The second robber holds a gun, too. He was waving a knife and
poke a gun in employees who are very scared.
-Who is this bitch? - Asks a man  . Do you want to protect it from all of
this and are going to say that it just an employee, but your wife is ahead
of you and says - I'm his wife, he is my husband. Husband , you give them
money ..
The continuation follows........
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