Sunday, May 27, 2012

She wanted to try fisting.....Part 4

The spectacle, of course, indescribable. Associated chest size of the fourth,
jumped as high as possible. I squeezed her nipples and began to pull in
different directions. Lena suffered and moaned. Only sometimes through the
groans I heard the word "More!" I thought it was time for her and  to
flogging. I took a belt and slapped on the chest, then her pussy. Her clit
was swollen and vagina was exposed, so that the impact fell exactly on the
clitoris. Before each blow she raised her ass, meeting the belt. I am again
struck heavily on the clitoris. It was at this moment from Lena poured her
juices. This I have not seen from her just beat the fountain. She confessed
later, such an orgasm is not experienced ever before, and did not think of
it may  to be less leakage. I untied her chest, but she  left lying with
stiff legs. I inserted two fingers into the vagina, they just went . I
added two more, it was   complicated, but they entered. I began to turn his
hand, it was not difficult, because everything was covered with her  juices,
in wet and slippery vagina. Shaking   hand, I began to add a thumb. Lena
spread her arms even wider your legs. My  hand  was of a easily in  vagina .
  I squeezed his hand into a fist and began to
turn them inside. This is again meant that the pleasure was to get over the
pain. She lay impaled on my palm and she   then to sated more deeply, then
spinning around my arm.  - Get on all fours, his hand will remain in you,
- I said.   She began to turn. Finally took the right position. Clenched
fist, I began to fuck  her of  two  hand and thrust her on elbow. Lena began
to scream. Every time I slapped the other hand her ass. I opened his fist,
and again sharply jerked his hand. My hand was all wet and I, using the
fact that Lena was able to orgasm, put your hand in its ass. Creek was
inhuman, and then only Lena lowed, and I fucked her with his hand in great
ass. I became moving faster and deeper and fucked his hand as a penis. Lena
screamed  from orgasm in her anus.  I lifted her hand to her face. 
- Suck   is well!  Lena began to lick my hand. On her face was an expression
 of complete satisfaction. From all this  me of course also wanted to finish.
 I put  in her  mouth with a penis on the tonsils. After a few seconds she
began to turn his head, but in response to this, I strongly slapped her
between the legs. And  ran down her chin drool, then I became brutally to 
fuck her mouth and beat her between his legs. It was a feeling that she
fucks  my penis, raised her ass that I would have hit her again. Finally,
began to cum, I pulled out a penis and filled her face, cum dripping on her
nose, chin,  in the eye.  Lena went to the bathroom, lifted her legs widely
parted them. Urine with a strong jet hit right on the face. Lena began rub
her on his face, chest,  she opened  mouth, that would catch the drops and
swallow them.     When she finished, I told her to stretch her  hands vagina.
 Lena willing to put in a two finger each hand and pulled to the side. Her
cunt began to resemble an open funnel. I began to urinate into it.  Soon
she was filled and urine ran down her stomach, her thighs. When I finished,
let her take a shower.   She had    everything it wanted. There is still
one day to continue our acquaintance.

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