Sunday, May 27, 2012

She wanted to try fisting.....Part 3

Urine ran down on the face, hair, splashed in the wide open mouth, when Lena did not
manage to swallow it. Then she sucked my penis. So she drained every drop.
She slowly began to send  a bottle in  vagina. I watched the bottle, pushes
 her lips and disappeared inside. I squeezed her nipples began to pull them
down.  Lena, that would reduce pain in the nipples when I pulled them down,
sit down to become more deeply bottle.Suddenly she screamed and slipped on
a bottle, the thick part of the bottle was already in her vagina, Lena
quietly moaned. I tied her hands behind her back. Then i began to caress  her puffy nipples. When I slapped her tits, her breasts were jumping. A
few minutes later the entire breast was purple, her nipples were hard. By
the bottle that was in her vagina, her juices flowed. I poured brandy into
her mouth. Lena once again shook in orgasm. When she calmed down, I took
the bottle and pushed her up, Lena stood up. Lena began to jump on her ,
as   penis. I abruptly pulled the bottle out of her vagina. From this, Lena
cried.  I turned on the cold water and sent it to his chest. Lena began to
cry, red, hot breasts and ice water gave an excellent effect. But to remove
the shower she not could, her hands were still tied behind his back.  - And
now your ashtray will be puffy breast - I ordered and lit it. Lena raised her
breasts and squeezing them. I smoked and shook the ashes on her chest
between her breasts. Then Lena tries substitute for the ashes of the
nipple. I put a cigarette to the nipple and flicked ashes. The second time
the ash fell on the second nipple. all done on such a level of play, when
both a had in pleasure.
The continuation follows........
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