Sunday, May 27, 2012

She wanted to try fisting.....Part 2

She wanted to try fisting.....Part 2
After these exercises was obtained i easily enter in wet
vagina, and even four fingers and  rotate the mine hand. The Lena started is
hard to breathe. Her vagina, which was visible to me, is opened, her nipples
began to resemble two large pea. And I'm certainly excited. So I beckoned
girl and She crawled over and began to suck the hard cock. She took
in her mouth it is not very deep, so I began to press  hand on her head.
Lena began to balk his nose into my stomach,  I again pressed the on  back
of the head and held her hand. Lena was planted at the very throat on her
chin began to flow saliva, she was bellowing. I could not resist  and loudly
slapped her on the firm puffy breast. She flinched, but did not pull away. When we
drank, I lit a cigarette.  When a cigarette is a little burnt, I stooped
and flicked the ashes between her buttocks. Lena cried and wanted to
straighten up, but again I clicked on her head. I smoked a cigarette,
constantly flicking ashes on her ass.  Suddenly I found that from  that
Lena began to cum. She  shiver and she swallowed my penis into the throat.
At the pace I have just dripping juices from her vagina. Then I finished it
in her mouth. Lena had swallowed all the sperm.   - You're a whore, here
and sit in the semen. Lena nodded obediently. In her eyes there were tears
from the fact that the penis is long and was deep in her throat and she
almost choked when I finished. We sat, talked again, drank, I was very
excited the show ,sitting in front of me naked woman with large firm breast, nude legs
wide apart, chin dried semen. Lena climbed into the tub. I began to urinate
on her tits, then to the face. Lena opened her mouth eagerly.
 The continuation follows........
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