Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Sexy Adventures of Julia. Part2

In the house there are five men. Me  hit in the ass. - Nice to  fuck in  ass!
  - Bitch, suck! They stand in  circle and I'm starting in   turn to suck
their penises. They call me a slut, a whore, prostitute,    anal   hole! I
just smile, because my mouth was busy  by  penis  and my  hands took 
standing next two  penises. I lie on the table, my head hanging down, as
at   me begin to fuck in the vagina and mouth at a time.  After four Men I
do not have time to swallow of sperm , and it flows from the lips on the
head and hair. From the vagina, it just flows on the table. Two  penises
easy to insert into my ass and vagina.  And me  fuck they for a long time
and the two begi to play with my boobs, and fifth fuck my mouth. They beat
my chest, twisting her nipples. It gives me pleasure, and I'm to cum  over
and over again. Bob to  cums up in my ass and wipes the penis on my hair.
Then he puts in my mouth and I lick his penis from the sperm and my feces.
That guy again has fuck my vagina. Others are beginning  in circle back to
fuck me in the ass. But  all  the   cums on face and chest.     The 
after   two hours of fucking, they rest. I lay on the table, his legs wide
open. Someone like a cigarette, and begins to shake off the ashes on my
stomach and chest. Then a burning cigarette butt starts to burn my socks on
my feet.  His example was followed by two  more , on stockings large holes
are formed. They spit on my chest and put out her  cigarette butts. Instead
 of ashtrays cigarette butts shoved into my mouth, spitting in the face.
From such a humiliation my  body feels another orgasm. After  was the turn
of bottles, and two of them occupy  place in the ass and pussy. There 
bottles in my holes are inserted easy. Bob brought a candle and my holes
are covered with wax. Wax filled my holes and  bottles were left standing
in the vagina and ass.....The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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