Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Sexy Adventures of Julia. Part 3

On me were  starting to urinate and I catch a trickle in  of mouth. The 
body shook another orgasm! That guy,   long fucked my wet pussy, after he 
wanted  fuck me in the mouth. He began to fuck  in her mouth while
holding by my ears. Then he said, to  licking his anus. I put my tongue
into the anus and began to  fondle his ass. He started to cum on my face.
Drops of semen dripping from my chin on my firm breast. Men liked it and they 
again started to fuck around. One fucked my  vagina,  in which was  had
still a bottle, and then to cums in the mouth.  Immediately came the other
 boy , he also fucked me of him  penis  and with  help  bottle. When the turn
came the next guy,  then in my mouth  entered  two penises.  My hair were a
clump of semen and saliva. I could not stop licking ass and  testicles for
men. I suck them hard cocks, they end up in my open mouth,  on my  tongue. My
mouth is - a vessel for sperm. I am happy to swallow all the sperm like a
glass of wine.   Piss on me, they wiped their sperm  my blouse with the
words "cover up, bitch, from you stink." they pushed me on the street and
closed the door from the inside. I went home tired but happy.

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