Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Sexy Adventures of Julia. Part 1

The Julia woke up - in the home.
Nearby sat a girl. When Julia woke up, she asked her: "You probably Julia
whore of my father?"
"Yes, if your father was the headmaster Basil" - answered Julia.
"Yes, this is it" - she confirmed. Olga said:
 "Go wash, bath there in this house all the women, bitches, whores go naked, okay?"
"Yes," replied Julia. Olga watched a movie where Julia, fucking with men.
Olga said: "Well look, the firm breast is good, tight small nipples nice and shaved vagina,
but not vain my father has chosen to fuck this young girl .  Ok, let's tell it like a
whore was "Julia began her story.:"It happened five years ago - the
beginning of Julia. I was dressed like a slut and went to the club. I was
approached by a man in his 40s and offered a drink, I agreed. He put his
hand into my panties and puts his finger into my untouched pussy.   My name is Bob. 
-How do you stand? - He asked. I am a free-whore! - Show tits! - There will
be Three of my friends! He drive me  to   him  house . Basil removes her
clothes and shows me  penis. I'll took the penis into the mouth.  - What a
smart whore! And soon in my throat  was sprays his sperm. After swallowing
it, I licked head of the cock. I'm starting again, sucking his penis,
massaging the testicles. The penis is lifted. Then I start licking balls,
took them one by one into his mouth. I caress to his ass,   felt the smell
of stinky, but I licked his anus.  - A dirty girl! And   his cock  is
included in my wet vagina. He  moves in me and my naked breasts bounce.
We finish simultaneously. It   cums him   sperm into the mine vagina.
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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