Thursday, May 31, 2012

My sex fantasy. Part 3

I slipped from
the penis of the holes oozing his cum. . Before I come to myself as the guy
started to cum in my mouth  I loved it! Then the first hit me in the face
him penis, for some reason it was nice. I'm  put  the tongue, they beat me
in  two   penises on  my tongue. After that  I everyone got to lick them
penises. In the end, left me in a puddle of cum under his feet and face.
But I was happy! I love the taste of sperm! Now  the second guy decided to
fuck my ass. With a sharp jerk, he entered me and began to slowly fuck me!
As this situation excites me.  The toilet stinks, filth everywhere, and I
enjoy   fuck. Me like sex: the more dirt and extreme  , the more my exci
tement. Sex s strange man, who treats you like a godsend for half an hour.
For which I am ready expose my ass, mouth and vagina. Better yet, when
there go to the toilet and the new men to  fuck in  free hole. Without -
the words and persuasion, simply by mutual consent. As you like.

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