Thursday, May 31, 2012

My sex fantasy. Part 2

I knelt down and took his penis in her mouth. I caressed his tongue,
swallowed deeply as possible. I love to suck a penis! Just love them! But
his penis   swell  and I knew that it would end soon, so immediately took
him out of his mouth. He looked and  I pleaded.  I stood up against the
wall with so that  became visible to my hole. He began to fondle my
tight buttocks ... I want to be fucked, so I wag ass.  He was looked to my hole,
and inserted  penis  to my anus.  I moaned softly from sensations ... He
took this as encouragement and began to enter me with his thick penis. I
move  toward him, forcing him  to enter  in my ass  stronger, faster, deeper.
 What a pleasure! I pressed against the wall, its hand caressed  my body
and the penis fucked  at a furious pace in my ass. But then came the third
person to hear the groans, he went to the toilet. He saw the man who fucked
me  and pulled out his penis. I took  a second mouth penis and began to
move in both penises at once .. Love it! In ass fucks one  penis , bringing
me pleasure, and the other fucks my mouth, pulling up to the throat. The
sperm did not began to pour into my anus,  but  I cum .
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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