Thursday, May 31, 2012

My sex fantasy. Part 1

The second day of fantasy   I woke from a terrible itch on my face.   It
was   sperm. I took a shower, cleared the ass. I remembered yesterday ...
So,  of  me  fuck  with two man  in the toilet.  After as I turned the
corner of me    fucked  a young guy ...Very often I got out my vibrator sit
in front of a large mirror and started to sit down at my "  substitute for
penis." I looked at   in the mirror and saw how the phallus is in me. Then
I took the vibrator  , smeared my   ass, got on all fours and I fuck  on it.
 I felt a rubber penis enters me. I started to sit down at him as soon as
possible. And at that moment was an orgasm. Today, my place of love comfort,
 I chose a park where there are concerned men. So I went. I came to this
place: the old Soviet    toilet for a long time nobody enjoyed by
appointment, he became a place for all concerned with sex and gay men. 
Inside its walls with scenes of sex transgender written all sorts of offers
of sexual services people like me, simply a recognition that someone loves
anal sex and suck strangers penises ..   Once inside, I saw a man looking
at a picture of the penis in the ass. He did not notice, I went to him. I
abruptly grabbed his hard penis. He scared, but felt that I caress his penis,
 penis  stood . He   was very hard. How do I wanted to take  it in your
The continuation follows........
Write please your responses in the comments. It will help me to select histories for you.

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