Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In the mist of love Part 1

 I was to  take three trips to Turkey. Me have  met at the airport  my friend and his wife . I took her soft hand and kissed it. Immediately I fell into the arms of Max. She was sexy at all, even drinking, whiskey fascinated by all present. Even Max was not exception. His eyes, like mine, slid down her body. After a while I understood what kind of relationship between them. It happened after I dropped his eyes down and saw   from under the dress looks  of her pussy. My eyes stopped at this place still, Lisa felt the eyes of Max and myself. And her hand fell on my penis. She held her fingers gently across the length, smiled and said: - Impressive! ...
Max did nothing, even in a time when Lisa released the head of my penis and  her soft lips kissed him. After that, I was definitely sure that Max does not mind if his wife had behaved in this way. My hand down between her legs and fingers felt nice moisture on her pussy. Lisa pulled my head to him and for a long kiss on the lips. And when my penis was in the arms of Lisa's lips, I completely understood his role. Lisa sucked my dick while I fondled  to her wet pussy.
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