Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the mist of love Part 3

A few moments, and has two cocks, then one  penis in her small vagina  , then two  fucked in  a two  her holes . Lisa, as she could, and helped her partners to enjoy her nude tits and young body. The Englishman, change the angle of shooting and he was exhausted from the excitement. The room never been indifferent, the musicians themselves were ready to join. No sooner had the guy who fuck heryoung  ass top , pulled the penis and sperm flow on her  young ass. As soon as the other took his place and actively fucked her in the ass. A few minutes later, the guy just exploded rapid flow of semen and poured on  the face of Lisa.
The third guy smooth movement entered her .  Two large penis filled her to the limit, Lisa began to move herself ass. Two cocks that filled Lisa and fucked into her like pistons. Accelerated the pace, came the cries of Lisa and the guys.
Black slapped her several times on the buttocks. The top guy sharply several times drove his cock on the depth. Liza in move ass helped him finish the full flow of sperm into her anus.There remains a Black and an Englishman who has not yet been poured out  in her pussy Lisa. I was amazed exposure Negro has already passed an hour, as Lisa sits on his penis. Negro dug his fingers into the buttocks of Lisa, and she rapidly earned her hips.His chocolate penis stiffened, and  in the vagina, there were several emission of semen. She has several times dipped his penis in her mouth and then looked toward the operator. In the Englishman stood a penis. Lisa went to the him, and took a penis in her mouth. A few seconds and the operator has already poured semen into the mouth of Lisa. She swallowed skillfully and arose.
 Max sat at the bar and drank. The three of us went home. Max  took  her to face him, his wife sat on the sofa, and the went down to her feet. A moment later, his tongue is licking her vagina. I was wondering, did he not feels that more recently in her vagina, the penis of another man's semen poured out. And just when Max pulled away from her , I saw between the sex  lips  of Lisa oozing sperm. So Max, knows everything, and he likes his wife's adventures. I'm not paying attention to Max, put his penis in her vagina and slowly planted  penis to its full length. Liza moaned. My movement came up against  in takt  motion of Lisa, which was accompanied by my soft cotton on  her ass. Max sat down, watching  on us. I restrained myself, she whispered: - Yes, in  me  pour  their semen, from the fact that   poured into me, I also finish. And a powerful jet of sperm hit in her vagina, then another and another. My body shook. At some moment  penis jumped out of the Lisa and Max took him  in  hand. And Max has sent it to his mouth, and immediately received the last discharge. I realized that Max swallowed the last drop of sperm. Max turned to his wife, and the tongue began to lick their wet vagina in my semen. Such sexual pleasure, I have never in my life have not yet experienced. Her firm young breasts pressed against mine, her lips came together, hands
intertwined, and we dissolved in a prolonged kiss. I kissed her, as if it were me the first time, and seemed to This was nothing. No group of men, neither sex nor her husband.
 Lisa turned and pressed her ass on my penis. A   big  head of my penis slowly disappeared inside, and then the whole penis. Lisa moaning bent even lower and took my testicles in his hand. I progressively started to stick her ass in the on his cock, speeding up the pace. Another moment and then continued at the same rate, so that with  her ass has   droping of sperm.
 I said with a smile - Max, I'm sorry, but this is beyond me. I'm just delighted with your wife.
 I hope that passion, who was born in moments of our conversation,waits, hoping to break free again.
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