Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the mist of love Part 2

 I so much wanted to lick her vagina,and  my  tongue was between of her
sexual lips, penetrating deeper and deeper. She beat my ass  and my tongue
 was moving  under her  moaning. I was holding Lisa's ass and licked  her
lovely young ass  hole.
Max took her his chest, then Max took my cock in him  mouth and started
sucking. I felt his tongue moving for  my penis, wetting  him  and allowing
 deep penetration. The penis is put in the throat by Max's, I see that Liza
 wanted ever more. . Such bliss, mixed in with the madness, I have never
experienced in my life. My penis located deep within the throat of Maxim.
The slow movement began to accelerate and I finished Max in his mouth. All
this was accompanied by groans. He swallowed All flows that erupted from
the penis. Such bliss I had not experienced ever before. Lisa pressed her
 lips to the Max with a prolonged kiss. They were kissing passionately.
Then we went to a private club.We drank with Max and Lisa went to the booth.
  Her  not  been a long time and I decided to find her. She was lying on a
white couch back to the door, her head was on his knees at the Black man, who
gathered red hair Lisa in her hand, in  her mouth   was him enormous cock.
Black man to fucked her into mouth   and Lisa    moaned. The Englishman stood
beside him and took off what is happening on camera.
   A few minutes later, the Black man  pulled over, and I saw the lips, the
wife of my friend, began to suck the powerful of the penis nigger.
 Indescribable beauty and incredible excitement came from the two bodies,
 which have merged  together, my cock was standing on the voltage.
Lisa did not even guessed that I was now near. Black man gently fucked  Lisa
in the small vagina, and  raising  her  on  the top of the penis and then slowly
 lowered to its foundation. His penis was so large and so tightly to the
walls of the hole that the reverse movement, accompanied by disclosure of
rose petals, which allowed the operator to look into all the folds of her
body. The Englishman wet your finger and slowly put   into her young ass.
Lisa did not resist, she just bent even more to be comfortable. The
Englishman at that time, already with three fingers massaged hole Lisa.
Black man stick her on your penis, and it seemed that no end.
    Suddenly, someone  called an Englishman. Got up  guy and went back to
Lisa, spread her buttocks and put in her ass of his cock in a dampened
hole. It  that now her  will become  yet  another of  penis to fuck ,
Lisa turned look at its owner. But her eyes rested on me. Once the guy
started to introduce  cock in the young ass Lisa, she pulled herself   spread
 her buttocks
The continuation will be later:)

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