Friday, May 25, 2012

I let them do it Part 3

  - In mouth take it! - He shouted and inserted his  so that half of the penis has broken her parted lips and put him in the cheek. My wife began to cough, but it started to suck, and the man only accelerated the movement, his hands guiding her head. Pulling her hair, he fucked my wife's mouth, his  penis is fully entered in her throat, cheek.  The second a man beat in her cheeks and neck with,  and his hands held   my wife. Irina  began coughing and moaning.He finished much faster than the first, and poured out his  sperm on my wife's face ,on her face he  poured  thick jets. Her cheeks, nose, mouth  to opened for catch  sperm, and dripping from his chin to his chest. I looked her in the wry mouth with smeared lipstick and saw a white tongue, stain on  teeth with sperm of another man. So she took in her mouth, but not me .
-  To swallow, bitch, - said the man. My wife is curved, but swallowed.
 - I have a penis is stood again! Come on, bitch to  fuck in the young ass, - said the bald man.
 I saw his hand , he  took  of  my wife's in vagina, then collected semen which  was inside her vagina  and entered   wet palm in her  young ass . The second man moved apart large buttocks and his finger stuck it in the ass.
 - Now you will be to fuck in the ass!
 - Come on,to groan, bitch! - said  a man full palm and smeared his semen and saliva on her anal hole. Following, I just saw his hairy ass, which began to fuck into the soft ass my wife. She was moaning very loudly. The second clamped her mouth and laughed. I saw this show. I hated myself, but I was standing. I'm afraid that will visit here . Will be seen not only as disgusting rape my wife, happy bald man fucks her into mouth  and another man fucks of her  ass! I - her  husband, that just looks and says nothing.  They took  her virginity ass and took her mouth!
 The man who fucked in the ass  of my wife praised:
- Bitch, what you have nice big ass, to fuck a pleasure. She mooed. I made the radio louder. He finished out loud, calling my poor wife a whore and bitch. Another took her over her breasts.
 - This for  a remembering , her husband! - One guffawed and threw me a dirty towel in their semen.
 The second took away all their money and ours money too. Then he came up to me. I was afraid of him. From him  stank of semen, the smell of sweat, my wife  used as smell between her legs.
 - Five dollars more  your  bitch is not worth it - he said and put my money.
 They  gone. I lay there and kept looking at his wife. She stood . Do not to cry, but of huge red hole behind (also no longer any  my past and never in future) dark streaks running down a man's sperm. I'm crying, I go, but she heard it, climbed sharply on the shelf and closed with a head under . Everywhere the smell of stank  abusing of my wife and pouring semen. I knew that  is -my wife, which  they  fucked  in all the holes. I know she hates me, as I myself. I felt sorry for her,  wife , which gave birth to my two children ... I started to cry. I pulled her panties in his hand to his nose. So I tried to console myself, but very quickly after a few seconds, I finished. I became even more sick and disgusting ,i  lie down with a wet hand, with his wife fucked in one compartment and sniff  her  briefs ...In the morning we got off the train. We are not talking. First, we bought the soap in the store, I knew that we buy it, soap to my wife  her vagina, from sperm others   to who fucked her like a whore. And I just looked at them. I knew that I was going with my wife, but I was not her husband. Not any more. And only scorn in her eyes. In the bathroom I could cry. There, I could not restrain himself and to cum  the sperm into the toilet.
   I let them do it with his wife, who bore me two children and has never changed  for me . So far I have been living with her, with his wife, which in my eyes fucked in all holes, and I let them do it on of fear. But what could I? Would you also do not could as  watched your wife fuck all the holes . You have just will  waited until they fucks with your wife until you have finished in her  and released. And then will live again , but spoiled whore in three places. And I live with my wife, which made whore in my eyes. She knows it too and lives with me. This is something we never spoke, because she was ashamed and me too.
  I am ashamed of such a wife for himself, and she, too, am ashamed of myself and a husband like me. That's the way we live after that the case for five years. And we will still appear in the eyes of others the perfect married couple with two children. She told me not to changing me. I know it. But I know if her  will fuck again, then I'll give it to them. I can not protect his beautiful a wife with long blond hair and large soft breasts. They have played enough with my wife as they want, and released her and I'll continue to live with her, to educate children earn money and give credit for an apartment. But her  will be to fuck, when she to wanted this was.. . This is a matter of time. I look forward with fear this. I still have is the thought, and I'm cums  to hand, when my wife falls asleep.
     I wrote all this to support you mans, who also take beautiful women at the time as only to fuck  . This is not a tragedy .. It's just we know that allows you to use our wives, and for the neighbors have a normal family. Take my example, if your wife a whore made on your eyes, this is not a reason for divorce. Divorce is for wimps.

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